Crazy Costume Lady Launches Styling Platform to Help Actors Prepare for Auditions

October 26, 2017

In just a few clicks actors can be styled by industry professionals on-demand

Los Angeles, CA A new online, affordable styling platform service, Crazy Costume Lady, launches today to help actors piece their wardrobe together for auditions and events by simply using their smartphone. This new platform gives everyone an affordable, professional stylist via email, phone call, or video chat. Crazy Costume Lady offers  a wide range of services from actors prepare for auditions, to styling for headshots, image consultations and red carpet events. In just a few clicks, this platform caters to anyone needing a stylist, on any budget by providing a fast, reliable service.

“On my time off, I would reach out to actor friends and help them prepare for auditions so I could perfect my craft between gigs. We would really get into it together running lines and researching the ‘whys’ of their characters,” said Lisa Catalina, Founder and CEO of Crazy Costume Lady. “This really helped improve my process as a designer in terms of research and character development for my future projects. After a while I realized I wasn’t the only person benefitting from my process because my friends were a lot more confident and said they performed better at their auditions.”

Crazy Costume Lady is bridging the gap between a celebrity stylist and your best friend by giving those who need a professional stylist's opinion from time to time, a platform that can deliver in a few clicks. For auditioning actors, they simply upload their information to the form and will have the choice between three different package options. A Dreamer is someone who could use an extra boost of confidence. For a one-time fee of $15 (or a monthly fee of $70) Dreamers receive a detailed email consultation giving actors a character breakdown and checklist of what to look for within their own closets. A Hunter is someone who could use a leg up on their competition to book gigs more frequently. For a one-time fee of $40 (and a monthly fee of $190) actors get the option to schedule a phone call or video chat to get assistance with making final wardrobe decisions. Monthly subscribers also receive a moodboard with their consultation so they can have a visual reference of what they should wear based on color and style. Lastly, a Savage is someone who is trying to get to that next level of their career. For a one-time fee of $85 (and a monthly fee of $400), Crazy Costume Lady comes to you for a 40 minute personal styling session making sure your look is complete from head to toe.

Without having to purchase a new wardrobe for every audition or part, Crazy Costume Lady uses the actor’s personal closet to put looks together. However, if there is something specific that’s needed and the actor doesn’t own it, Crazy Costume Lady is constantly out and about working on her own design projects so she knows what’s in stores and can tell you where to get it, no matter what your budget is.

“Hiring a stylist was previously only a luxury service for the rich and famous, but everyone has moments where they hate everything in their closet,” said Catalina. "This service was created to change the perspective of a styling service being unattainable, and to make people feel comfortable reaching out to professional designers and stylists near them for their next wardrobe dilemma."

The entertainment industry is extremely competitive, and through this fun unique process, Catalina has seen how confident and successful her clients have become after utilizing her services. Whether they booked a gig or not, they would be especially excited when they've received positive feedback from casting directors complimenting them on their wardrobe choices for their character. With Crazy Costume Lady, actors can finally get the perks of a personal stylist no matter what their budget is.

About Crazy Costume Lady:

Crazy Costume Lady was founded in 2017 by costume designer and wardrobe stylist, Lisa Catalina. After receiving her dual bachelor’s degree in Fashion Marketing and Visual Merchandising from LIM College of New York City in 2010, Lisa has been costuming and styling within different areas of the entertainment industry in Los Angeles.  For more information and to book packages visit