E-commerce Startup Scott’s Marketplace Launches SHIFT10 to Boost Year-Round Support for Shop Local

Posted Oct 05, 2016


Scott’s Marketplace Launches SHIFT10 to Boost Year-Round Support for Shop Local

SHIFT10 kicks off with online celebration on October 10, 2016 to build awareness and action for shifting consumer spending behavior to the local community.




Scottsdale, Arizona (October 4, 2016) -- In an effort to promote year-round support for local businesses, Scott’s Marketplace announces the launch of SHIFT10, a national initiative to promote consumers to shift 10% of their everyday spending to local businesses instead of big-box stores.


“Small businesses need us everyday, not just one day a year,” said Scott Curry, CEO of Scott’s Marketplace. “By giving small, local entrepreneurs our support everyday we positively impact our communities. And SHIFT10 is a catalyst for that effort,” he added.


The SHIFT10 movement exists to encourage Americans to shift a portion of their everyday spending to local stores over chains every day of the year, rather than sporadically. This shift intends to keep more money local and keep more small business owners thriving in communities across the U.S.


A recent report from the U.S. Small Business Administration finds that small businesses account for 75% of all new jobs in communities across the U.S. and 76% of the money spent at a local business stays in the local community. Whereas, only 31% of the money spent at a chain or franchise-based business stays in the local community economy.


“By pledging to shift just 10% of everyday spending to the local community, Americans can make a significant impact to their neighborhoods,” said Cindy Boynton, VP of Operations for Scott’s Marketplace. “SHIFT10 provides the unique opportunity to educate American consumers on behalf of local businesses. We are thrilled to bring this important cause mainstream,” she added.

About SHIFT10

SHIFT10 is a national movement to encourage shoppers to shift 10% of their spending to local businesses in communities across the United States. It all starts on October 10, 2016 -- the first-ever SHIFT10 Day -- a national celebration of supporting local entrepreneurs and small businesses across the U.S. To learn more about SHIFT10, visit


About Scott’s Marketplace

Scott’s Marketplace, an Arizona-based startup, is an e­-commerce marketplace where local business owners sell their products online and consumers shop local stores for unique products. Launched in 2014 by Scott Curry, the vision of Scott’s Marketplace is to connect shoppers with local business owners in the United States, giving shoppers a more convenient way to support the shop ­local movement, and to shift the shop local mindset from your neighborhood to nationwide across all U.S. communities. To learn more about Scott’s Marketplace, visit: