Podcast: The Rise and Increasing Importance of Pop-Ups

Pop-ups have become a staple for omni-channel retailers to help them design unique, buzzworthy experiences, and a testing outlet for online-only retailers considering a move to brick-and-mortar.

In this 20-minute podcast episode, Melissa Gonzalez, Founder and CEO of pop-up architect firm, The Lion’esque Group, describes the benefits and challenges of launching pop-up stores and how retailers can effectively implement them.

Melissa dives into why pop-up stores are an integral part of store experience reinvention programs in 2018 and gives best practices on the logistics for retail brands considering adding pop-ups to their brand engagement strategies.

The Rise and Increasing Importance of Pop-Ups' is Episode 1 of a podcast series presented by Aptos in accordance with their Retail Experience Project.

Aptos’ Retail Experience Project is a compilation of resources developed by industry thought leaders and experts to help retail brands tackle the many challenges faced as they evaluate, update and reinvent their in-store experiences.