The Retail Dive Outlook on 2021

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The complete upending of everyday life in 2020 — and with it shopping patterns, consumer preferences, social interactions and nearly everything else — ushered in a period that compounded the industry's already monumental challenges. The combined pressures of the last year drove a true apocalypse for retailers — a term that may have been too hastily applied to the industry pre-pandemic. Retail Dive tracked 30 major bankruptcies in 2020, compared to 17 the year before. Store closure rates accelerated over the year too.

As the page turns on the year, however, the picture may not be universally bleak. Much of what retailers were forced to do to survive in 2020 — lean into e-commerce, offer consumers more pick up options, streamline supply chains, reconcile store footprints and connect with shoppers — will serve the industry well moving forward. The uncomfortable, unavoidable adaptions retailers made in 2020 could usher in long-term changes that benefit those left standing. Or, everything could revert to the before times patterns. 

With the pandemic far from over, the industry is at a pivotal moment in 2021. How pivotal remains to be seen, but while we wait for the chips to fall here's what Retail Dive is watching this year. 

Liza Casabona Deputy Editor

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The Retail Dive Outlook on 2021

The adaptions retailers forced on retailers last year were painful, but they may have ushered in long-term changes that are key to survival. We break down just how pivotal 2021 might be.

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