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Allrecipes streamlines entertaining experience with Drizly buy now buttons

The publication is rolling out a desktop and mobile Web site on which users can shop beer, wine and liquor recommendations through a native buy button within Allrecipes content. At-home cooks are now able to plan out recipes and pair them with alcohol for a quick delivery, driving sales and a positive brand sentiment for both Drizly and Allrecipes.

“At Allrecipes we are constantly looking for ways to make every step in the cooking journey easier for home cooks, and through this partnership with Drizly we are helping busy cooks turn their cocktail and beverage inspiration into reality,” said Esmee Williams, vice president of consumer and brand strategy at Allrecipes.

Allrecipes purchasing
The Drizly incorporation for Allrecipes allows alcohol retailers to pinpoint consumers in a key time during their customer journey. The partnership is targeting readers who are already interested in entertaining or purchasing ingredients, as that is the main demographic accessing Allrecipes’ digital properties.

Allrecipes readers on its Web site are able to purchase items of interest by clicking buy now within its native content and purchase directly through Drizly. The products are delivered to the user’s home within an hour.

The partnership increases impulse purchasing as well, by targeting consumers likely to be interested in these products and providing a streamlined purchasing experience eliminates dropout rates.

The new buy buttons are available on the Web site right now, and its mobile app will be equipped as well in the upcoming year.

Drizly partners with liquor store retailers nearby the customer’s location and is available to 18 major cities such as New York, New Jersey, Los Angeles, Chicago, New Orleans, Tampa, Providence and others. Allrecipes readers in these locations will be able to leverage the buy button.

The addition exhibits the growing combination of publishing content and retailer, made possible by digital and mobile technology. Consumers are becoming more and more accustomed to these innovations, and are happy to engage with services that make their lives easier.

Drizzling mobile delivery
Drizly also recently relaunched with a new brand identity and a reimagined shopping experience that includes ratings, rich media content and the ability to save favorite orders (see more).

Time Inc.’s Food & Wine also closed a gap in the customer experience for alcohol retailer Drizly, serving native ordering on the publication’s new mobile-first Web site (see more).

“In addition to adding another level of convenience for busy home cooks, our partnership with Drizly also provides beverage brands the opportunity to be in front of these shoppers with hyper-local, retailer-specific promotional offers at the exact moment they are making their purchase decisions,” Ms. Williams said.

Final take
Brielle Jaekel is editorial assistant at Mobile Commerce Daily