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Drizly app relaunches with Amazon-like shopping experience for alcohol delivery

Drizly, a mobile application for ordering beer, wine and liquor deliveries, has relaunched with a new brand identity and a reimagined shopping experience that includes ratings, rich media content and the ability to save favorite orders.

As the app continues to expand its availability across the country, the new shopping experience is meant to parallel the convenience of buying books on Amazon or choosing movies on Netflix. The relaunch will be supported with a national media campaign across traditional, digital and outdoor ad formats, featuring fun taglines and retro photography depicting revelers enjoying themselves and living in the moment.

“The ability for content to start to inform how people are buying allows us to create a far richer experience that ever before,” said Nick Rellas, CEO of Drizly. “There’s more than one facet involved when thinking about making a purchase, and we’re excited to provide that for people.

“If you log on to the new app and tap the Drizly bear logo at the top, you will be taken into a new page with curated lists like ‘Party Planning,’ ‘Date Night,’ ‘Office Happy Hour’ and ‘St. Patrick’s Day,’” he said. “It’s a fun hidden feature with personalized recommendations for specific times of year or drinking occasions.”

Dynamic merchandising
Drizly claims to provide mobile-enabled alcohol delivery in more cities across the United States than any other solution. The new shopping experience uses rich media content, recommendations and personalization to provide dynamic merchandising. The site and app constantly tailor themselves to the user based on previous searches and purchases.

The focus of the relaunch is on ease-of-use, product discovery and interactivity for those interested in having alcohol delivered.

The new features include ratings, reviews and rich media content to help users discover and purchase new products.

Additionally, users can store their favorite orders and address books for faster purchasing.

Other new benefits include smart searches that deliver results as users type and the ability to share Drizly with friends and send gifts more easily.

Immersive brand experiences
Drizly’s new look features a new bear logo, a bold color palette, modern design, an irreverent voice and vintage photography.

To use the app, consumers of legal drinking age log in to place an order. Delivery drivers authenticate and validate their IDs using proprietary Drizly technology.

Drizly is available in Austin, Baltimore, Boston, Chicago, Denver, Indianapolis, Los Angeles, New York City, Seattle, St. Louis, Washington and other cities.

The new interface also enables brands to connect with the app in more personal ways, including immersive brand experiences where users can explore their favorites products, rich content placements with deeper descriptions, recommendations and complimentary video as well as sponsored listings, with placement among showcased brands and promoted search results.

“Dealing with 10’s of 1000’s of items can be complex and cumbersome from a UX/Design standpoint,” Mr. Rellas said. “We’re aiming to create a syntax for people to efficiently synthesize the options in their store, in a clean , helpful and intelligent way (i.e allowing them to find what they want in between so many items, and also discover new products).”

Final Take
Chantal Tode is senior editor on Mobile Commerce Daily, New York