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Zoomingo helps shoppers find deals via location-based app

Mobile application Zoomingo is aiming to make shopping easier for tech-savvy shoppers looking for the best deals.

The Zoomingo app is based off of the idea that as more brands use price comparison tactics to lure consumers to buy, mobile shoppers are more informed than ever while shopping in-store and want a way to round up the best local finds. Additionally, consumers are looking for ways to form a shopping community with friends and family.

“Despite all the talk about ecommerce, local retail still makes up the bulk of sales in markets such as home décor and clothing,” said Shirish Nadkarni, cofounder/CEO of Zoomingo, Seattle.

“Shoppers are using devices for a range of activities, including coupons and deals, but everyone is value-conscious,” he said.

In-store deals
The Zoomingo app is available for free download in Google’s Android Market or Apple’s App Store.

The goal of the app is to help shoppers find the best in-store deals by aggregating information from more than 80 retailers.

Once users find a deal that they are interested in, the app shows them the nearest location where they can buy the item. Each store includes directions and a click-to-call feature.

All content on the app is user-generated. Shoppers can add deals to the app by taking a picture of the item and adding a tag with the store’s name to collect points.

Additionally, consumers can filter their search results by category and price, which helps consumer sift through results.

Consumers can also follow their favorite brands to keep up-to-date on current sales, showing how shoppers rely on their mobile devices to find the best deal nearby.

Zoomingo is also accessible via a Web site and Facebook page.

Inside scoop
Price comparison and shopping apps are a hot space for both consumers and marketers.

In addition to Zoomingo, similar shopping apps include RedLaser, ShopSavvy and SnapTell, all of which are aimed at helping consumers find the best deals and products with their own twist.

Zoomingo is proof of a bigger underlying trend that as mobile deals have exploded, consumers are looking for more tailored, personalized search results.

By making the focus on local results and driving to an in-store location, shopping apps have big implications for bricks-and-mortar retailers.

Retailers are increasingly shifting their attention to ecommerce and Web sales, but shopping apps are also proof that brands still need to pay equal attention to the in-store experience with the high number of sales happening in-store.

“We saw a big opportunity in terms of addressing the needs of shoppers with this app,” Mr. Nadkarni said.

“Some shopping apps take you away from local stores and encourage you to buy something elsewhere, but consumers would much rather shop locally to find the best sales,” he said.

Final Take
Lauren Johnson is editorial assistant on Mobile Commerce Daily, New York