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Zola unwraps registry checklist tool for mobile app users

Wedding registry marketplace Zola is enabling its mobile application users to leverage a registry checklist feature that streamlines the product-choosing process by giving engaged couples a way to view best options in core categories.

The registry checklist, which is now available for iOS users, was previously only available for consumers making registries on a desktop device, highlighting the necessity for retailers to bring cross-functional tools to all of their digital platforms. The mobile feature was implemented to simplify the browsing process for individuals deciding which wedding-related items they would like their friends and family to purchase for them.

“Our registry checklist was initially introduced as a desktop-only feature,” said Nobu Nakaguchi, co-founder and chief design officer of Zola, New York. “We’ve found that couples use the registry checklist as a guide, and many product additions are driven by the registry checklist, and so the natural next step for us to was to launch it on mobile.”

Checking off sales
The checklist feature on mobile will show users a good, better and best choice for each of the core product categories typically found within a wedding registry. Zola sought to streamline the browsing process for couples who may feel overwhelmed at the sheer number of products to sort through by researching and testing reviews its customers have posted.

This allowed the brand to curate the top three products in each core category, giving individuals the ability to pick from “everyday,” “upgrade” and “standout” options.

Offering this tool to mobile users was a smart move for Zola, as consumers will now be able to more easily browse for registry items while on-the-go. Additionally, the rating system for the top three products in each category may help remind customers of items they might need, but did not previously have on their lists.

The wide breadth of registry items available on Zola’s digital platforms could be seen as daunting to some couples, which made it imperative for the wedding marketplace to offer its own expertise in an easily readable format.

Enhancing the mobile shopping process has long been a top-of-mind goal for Zola, which recently attempted to merge offline and online shopping by enabling users to view items in a real-world showroom via an iPad app and register those they like (see story).

“Zola customers have responded extremely positively to our mobile experience,” Mr. Nakaguchi said. “We consistently hear that our apps are one of the things that drew couples to Zola initially, and we are seeing rapid growth in both the engagement, and number of couples actively using Zola via the app.

“Because millennial couples shop online and with their mobile devices more than ever, the Zola app allows them to adapt their registry to their digital, on-the-go lifestyle.”

Marrying commerce with mobile
A slew of other wedding-centric marketers have recently taken their purchasing options to mobile, allowing customers to create registries and share them with wedding attendees, who can then easily purchase the desired gifts with the tap of a finger.

Lifestyle retailer Anthropologie wrapped up mobile sales by rolling out a slew of new iPhone app features, including the ability to access order history and send registry messages to share favorited items with friends (see story).

Walmart also added gift registry capabilities to its mobile app, letting users create, manage and share their wedding or baby registry anytime, anywhere (see story).

Zola, which specializes in wedding registries only, has integrated several other tools into its mobile experience to make it as attractive as possible for millennial consumers, who prefer to complete many tasks on their smartphones.

The brand’s “Blender” feature offers a Tinder-like experience for wedding gifts by letting app users browse through possible registry items one at a time. Consumers can swipe right to add the product onto their lists, or swipe left to pass.

Meanwhile, Apple Watch owners can set a wedding countdown on their smartwatches to keep excitement high until the big day arrives.

“We are heavily invested in mobile and constantly trying to push the envelope to make the registry experience as seamless as possible,” Mr. Nakaguchi said. “We are continuing to roll out new and interesting features, so stay tuned!”