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Yowza affiliate program aims to get small businesses involved in mobile

Yowza’s aim for this program is to build upon its rapidly-growing roster of small businesses. The company would also like to demonstrate that the power of mobile couponing has never been more accessible or easier to use – for both consumers and businesses. 

“Up to now, most mobile marketing has been done by large merchants with large marketing budgets,” said August Trometer, cofounder of Yowza, Los Angeles. “Our affiliate program, along with our easy-to-use self-sign-up, lets small merchants participate in the mobile coupon revolution.

“Our pricing is such that even businesses with very small marketing budgets can join in,” he said.

Less than two months ago, Yowza launched a self-serve option, and since then, five to seven new local businesses per week have signed up as clients. 

Whether through self-sign-up, the Yowza sales team or this newly-launched affiliate program, it has never been easier for companies to offer exclusive savings to the five million consumers who already have access to Yowza’s coupons.

In total, more than 250 retailers, restaurants and other merchants have partnered with Yowza, in 15,000 locations nationwide.

Each participating retailer pays $49 per location per month. Retailers are able to change or update offers as often as they would like with no additional fees.

Up to three coupons may be offered at a time. 

Users – who are 52.6 percent male and 47.4 percent female, with an average age of 35 – can search for deals by location – from one to 50 miles away from where they are at any given time – retrieve a coupon, and then present it to the cashier who can scan or enter a coupon code directly from their mobile device. 

“One of the biggest problems with ‘local’ is having enough boots on the ground to begin the conversation with local merchants,” Mr. Trometer said. “Our affiliate program lets those who know their area best become instant Yowza salespeople and earn money by introducing their favorite local merchants to Yowza mobile coupons.”

Yowza has spent the last year focusing on large, chain merchants, but there are millions of small, local businesses that can benefit from Yowza as well.

In addition to being cost effective and much cheaper than advertising in the local paper, the Yowza mobile coupon application allows small businesses to compete alongside the big box retailers.

The new affiliate program is designed to help drive more local merchants to use mobile coupons.

“Our users are very passionate about Yowza mobile coupons and about saving money,” Mr. Trometer said. “The affiliate program lets them take that passion and earn money by introducing us to the local merchants they frequent the most.

“We’re essentially building an army of the people who love Yowza,” he said.