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YourVersion delivers news, reviews to mobile shoppers during holiday season

The application is available for the iPad, iPhone and Android. Customers who do not have a smartphone can access the service via the mobile web.

“YourVersion’s product strategy is to help users fight information overload by bringing users the latest content that is relevant to them,” said Dan Olsen, cofounder/CEO of YourVersion, San Francisco. “That’s why we let users type in any topic they want to add to their profile.

“YourVersion brings the user their new, relevant content wherever they are – on mobile devices and it also makes it very easy for users to bookmark and share interesting stories via email, Facebook, and Twitter,” he said.

“YourVersion pays attention to which stories users read, bookmark, and share and aggregates that information to harness the collective intelligence and improve the results.”

YourVersion is a topic-based, real-time discovery engine that delivers relevant, real-time updates to customers.

Mobile aggregation
User can get aggregated news, blogs, tweets, Web pages and videos based on their interests.

When consumers sign up for the service, they can pick which topics they want to follow.

Additionally, shoppers can keep up on which holiday products are on their shopping list.

“The amount of new information that comes out each day that is relevant to each of us far exceeds the amount of time we have each day to find and consume it,” Mr. Olsen said. “ Mobile devices help us stay connected when we’re not in front of our computer, allowing us to data snack – have short sessions when we’re on the go where we use our phones to consume small chunks of relevant information.

“The best solution for users is to have a single product that works seamlessly across mobile and Web,” he said. “YourVersion keeps the user’s info synced across all their devices and the Web site.”

Mobile filters
Consumers can view the latest content or filter on what they want to see.

In addition, shoppers can scroll to the bottom of the stories list and additional stories are automatically updated.

Users can click on any item’s title link to open that page in a new window and give a story a thumbs up to add it to your Thumbed list.

“We are constantly updating and improving our mobile apps for iPad, iPhone, and Android,” Mr. Olsen said. “We are also planning to develop an app for Android tablets.”

Final Take
Rimma Kats is editorial assistant on Mobile Commerce Daily, New York