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Wilton increases sales via mobile-optimized site

The company claims it saw an increase in page views from mobile visitors by 40 percent. Consumers can access the site by entering on their mobile browser.

“This is part of our larger strategy to engage and empower consumers wherever they are and through their preferred device,” said Eric Erwin, executive vice president of marketing and product development at Wilton.

“We want to put 80-plus years of Wilton decorating experience and creativity in every consumer’s pocket,” he said. “Our target audience is increasingly on the go and are becoming more comfortable using their smartphones to access content. Creating an optimized mobile experience for them was a logical step.

“We also recognize that consumers are using their smartphones in situations where they weren’t using laptops or desktop computers. As such, we need to tailor experiences specific to them.”

Piece of cake
In addition to shopping and reading consumer reviews, customers can view offers of all 3,000 decorating ideas found on its traditional Web site.

Consumers can also browse recipes, how-to videos and read detailed product information.

“We know that consumers are increasingly using their mobile devices to search for information,” Mr. Erwin said. “Mobile has clearly changed how people search for, consume and share information.

“They are searching for ideas, recipes and products in places they never did before: the aisle of a store, in a doctor’s office or while waiting for soccer practice to end,” he said. “In order to stay relevant and useful, we needed to provide an optimized experience for our smartphone users.

“It’s what they expect.”

Cracking the code
Last month, the company placed mobile bar codes on its packaging and in-store displays to enhance traditional point-of-sale content for its newest treat decorating method.

When consumers scan the mobile bar code, they are redirected to a mobile landing page where they can view product information (see story).

“We have prominent signage of major retailers encouraging shoppers to use QR codes that lead to the mobile Web site,” Mr. Erwin said.

“In addition, we detect when someone is accessing our site via a smartphone, and when they do, the visitor is automatically shown the new mobile Web site,” he said.