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Wilton bolsters in-store, online sales via mobile bar codes

When consumers scan the mobile bar code, they are redirected to a mobile landing page where they can view product information. Additionally, consumers can browse different products and buy them by going to the full site.

“QR codes are an important component of our shopper marketing strategy as our target audience has become increasingly comfortable using their smartphones for more than just phone calls, texting and email,” said Eric Erwin, executive vice president of marketing and product development at Wilton, Chicago.

“We saw QR codes as an opportunity to enhance traditional retail store displays with interactive and engaging content to help inspire consumers while they are still in the store,” he said.

“By providing more information such as how-to videos, product ratings and reviews and decorating ideas, the consumer is able to make a more informed and educated decision while she is in the shopping aisle.”

QR opportunity
Wilton saw an opportunity with mobile bar codes when it was launching its newest decorating method.

According to the company, mobile bar codes help engage and inspire its customers while they are in the store and better informs their purchase decision.

After consumers scan the bar code, the mobile-optimized page features step-by-step videos and hundreds of decorating ideas.

Additionally, consumers can check product ratings, reviews and post questions to other users via Facebook or Twitter.

“With the proliferation of smartphones, consumers are becoming more accustomed to snapping UPC and QR codes to access additional content or discounts while they are shopping,” Mr. Erwin said.

“We have also seen a significant increase in mobile devices accessing our Web site content and we felt the time was right to create more targeted experiences for today’s technology-proficient consumers,” he said. 

“Finally, QR codes are relatively easy to implement and provide an excellent gateway to additional interactive content that the consumers will find useful when planning their next cake decorating project.”

Mobile initiative
The company is getting the word out about its initiative by encouraging shoppers to snap the QR code while they are in the store.

In addition, Wilton is also engaging with its online community and leveraging its social media channels.

The mobile bar codes on packaging and in-store displays will be available by mid-May.

“This is part of our larger strategy to engage and empower consumers wherever they are and through their preferred device,” Mr. Erwin said.

“For example, we just recently launched a new version of that is specifically optimized for mobile devices and provides access to the thousands of decorating ideas, recipes, and products that are already available on our traditional Web site,” he said.

“We want to be everywhere our target audience is and since they are increasingly on-the-go and are becoming more comfortable using their smartphones to access content while out-of-the-home, creating a tailored, mobile experience for them was a logical next step.”