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Wicked Spoon Yogurt rolls out mobile-only loyalty program

Wicked Spoon Yogurt is the first food establishment in New York to partner with mPunch for a mobile-only loyalty program that rewards consumers via their device.

The program is meant to help Wicked Spoon Yogurt manage loyalty while also building brand awareness through the mPunch app. The app can be used to add and manage loyalty cards of mPunch participating businesses.

“The strategy behind this mobile-only loyalty program is to make it more convenient for customers and to build brand awareness via the mPunch platform,” said Alex Rozhitsky, founder of Wicked Spoon Yogurt, Brooklyn, NY.

“With mobile, there is no need to try and locate the printed card and typically those are lost or customer’s ask for multiple cards,” he said. “Using mobile reduces our printing cost and the tracking is a lot better.”  

Mobile loyalty
Here is how it works.

MPunch assigned Wicked Spoon Yogurt a designated mobile QR code image. An image system within the app allows Wicked Spoon Yogurt customers to scan the QR code to sign-up for the store’s loyalty program.

The application tracks purchase credits, progress toward rewards, manages redemptions and allows customers to view special promotional offers from Wicked Spoon Yogurt.

Currently, Wicked Spoon is offering a free yogurt after customers buy nine.

Wicked Spoon’s current promotion within mPunch

Using an online administration system, Wicked Spoon can see how its loyalty program is paying off as well as send specials and promotions directly to customers’ phones.  

Not a newbie
This is not Wicked Spoon’s first foray into mobile technology.

It has two other mobile apps. Yogurt Toss is a mobile game that the company launched and it also has a real-time ordering app, that lets customers schedule a pick-up or delivery of frozen yogurt.

The MPunch is available for iPhones and Android devices.

“We can push out offers and specials through the Web interface,” Mr. Rozhitsky said. “The app is also GPS-enabled, letting customers view participating restaurants and shops near them.

“As for our other mobile applications, we are currently working to update Yogurt Toss so that consumers can win prizes that they can redeem for free yogurt,” he said.