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Weyrich Enterprises delivers one-stop shopping to consumers via mobile

Weyrich Enterprises is letting fashion-savvy women shop from more than 300 brands and retailers in one application.

The Divalicious app, which is available in Apple’s App Store, aggregates more than 300 brands and retailers for users to shop from. Consumers are then taken from the app to the retailer’s Web sites to purchase items.

“The strategy behind Divalicious is for the app to become the virtual dressing room of America,” said  Andrew Weyrich, CEO of Weyrich Enterprises, Arlington, VA.

Weyrich Enterprises is an entrepreneurial organization specializing in digital products.

One-stop shopping
Users can browse the app’s one million clothing, beauty and home products from 300 brands, including Ann Taylor, Clinique and Michael Kors.

To find relevant products, users can search with specific features.

After talking to consumers, the company  found that one key issue for women is finding clothing that fits.

The app includes a feature “Show Me What Fits.” Consumers can plug in their sizes and only shop for clothes that are available in their size.

“We wanted to create features based around what consumers liked and didn’t like about shopping,” Mr. Weyrich said.

Users can also search by sale items, store wish lists and share products via Facebook, Twitter and email.

“Our goal is to be a one-stop destination for global fashion,” Mr. Weyrich said.

“We’re doing what stores can’t do, which is bringing multiple retailers into one place,” he said.

Shoppers  can  upload a picture of themselves to try clothes on or drag and drop items onto a mannequin to create an outfit.

Mr. Weyrich said the second version of Divalicious is already in the works with plans to integrate the app with technology that would project images from the mobile screens to televisions. 

Untapped market
Despite the shift in consumers using mobile shopping apps, Mr. Weyrich said that a majority of the retailers used on Divalicious do not have their own mobile apps yet.

“There are only a handful of shopping apps on the market from bigger companies right now, which is surprising based on all the buzz that mobile has right now,” Mr. Weyrich said.

A recent study also showed that retailers are not tapping into mobile fast enough to meet the demands of consumers (see story).

“The sky is the limit with mobile, and I think the next big wave of developments we will see is with mobile payments,” Mr. Weyrich said.

“I also predict that there will be more apps and software that will continue to learn consumers’ habits and adapt around their lifestyles,” he said.