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Wayfair bolts down in-app gift card purchases, personalized browsing

Home furnishings retailer Wayfair is adding a slew of new capabilities into its mobile application after its recent sales success, allowing users to buy gift cards, update the shipping speed of purchases and access category pages containing more personalized content.

Following the several million downloads the app has garnered since its launch, Wayfair is further optimizing the purchasing experience for users by giving them more control over content and shipping preferences. Perhaps most importantly, the brand is also enabling customers to buy gift cards directly within the app, a feature that opens up vast opportunities for last-minute purchases stemming from consumers searching for an ideal present.

“Wayfair enabling customers to have the option to purchase a gift card from its app is important to reduce friction between the brand and the consumer,” said Marci Troutman, CEO of SiteMinis. “This option also opens up the brand to gift seekers looking to find that perfect gift for someone with the ease of letting them simply buy a card and allow the gift to be selected from [Wayfair’s] online mix.

“Gift cards can not only boost the ‘word of mouth’ for the brand, but also lock in a purchase from a potential new customer, whom – if treated well – could become a loyal customer. The banner ad for the gift cards should be above the scroll on the app as a point of reference.”

Commerce-friendly features
Wayfair’s app users can now instantly purchase gift cards for their new homeowner friends or family members. Enabling customers to buy gift cards from a retail app is a lucrative strategy also tapped by several other brands, including Dunkin’ Donuts.

Wayfair app users are able to create Idea Boards, which can then be shared with family or friends. The Pinterest-like tool allows them to save favorite products based on category or style, and can now be shared with a simple tap.

Individuals who are privy to their friends’ Idea Boards may become inspired to purchase a Wayfair gift card and help them actualize their décor dreams.

Additionally, users conducting their own shopping will have access to several new features. They may now update their names, passwords and email addresses via the My Account section, and can alter the shipping speed of their recent purchases through the My Orders portal.

This could come in handy for shoppers who find themselves in immediate need of an item, either for a friend or for their own home.

Streamlined experiences
Wayfair has been heavily focused on providing enticing mobile experiences that provide customers with streamlined features, a feat that has so far proved to be successful.

Last month, Wayfair revealed that its Idea Board tool, which enables consumers to create product wish lists and plan redecorating initiatives, is responsible for 31 percent of mobile app revenue (see story).

Meanwhile, one of Wayfair’s home décor brands, Joss & Main, capitalized on the 65 percent of traffic it receives from mobile devices by redesigning its iPhone app, allowing users to create Idea Boards, check out via Apple Pay and track orders (see story).

Another new Wayfair app update includes the category pages showcasing additional personalization and inspirational content in the hopes of making it simpler for individuals to find the products they need.

“Mobile is meant to be a highly personalized experience, allowing organic changes within not only the offers, but also within the product mix displayed,” Ms. Troutman said. “Brands should be centering the experience on the consumers’ purchasing history and adapting to their needs as they get to know them better.”