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Vino Volo mobilizes wine-tasting with loyalty app

Wine bar chain Vino Volo recently launched a mobile-based loyalty program to offer consumers exclusive benefits and connect with guests.

The Vino Volo mobile application lets consumers find the nearest store, earn exclusive benefits and share wine experiences with friends. The wine bar chain partnered with mobile-platform developer Punchh to create the app.

“Vino Volo transformed wine discovery with their brand,” said Doug Tomlinson, founder/CEO of Vino Volo, San Francisco. “Now with the new mobile rewards app, Vino Volo intends to transform customers’ digital experience with their brand.

“The mobile channel is key to establishing a personal connection with customers, and 1-1 marketing based on individual preferences and behavior,” he said.

“Stores will be able to know each of their customers by name, how often they are visiting, how much they are spending, what they’re ordering, what they’re saying online, who they’re sharing their experiences with, and who is referring their friends to the store.”

Vino Volo operates 28 wine bars in airports and cities across North America.

Mobile wine
Consumers can use the app to earn points by displaying the app home screen in-store.

The home screen will indicate the consumer’s membership level, which can be Cellar, Reserve or Grand Reserve.

After consumers make a purchase, they can scan a bar code on their receipt to earn more points. Every dollar spent translates to one point.

Consumers can also earn points by referring Vino Volo to friends.

Additionally, loyalty members have access to exclusive offers and are the first to be notified about new store locations.

Chalkboards in Vino Volo locations will list special benefits that are offered for members. For example, members may be able to access free tastings.

The Vino Volo app also lets consumers review store locations are share their experiences via Facebook. Additionally, there is a store locator in the app to help consumers find Vino Volo stores.

Consumers can download the app for free in Apple’s App Store or Google Play. When they download the app, they will automatically get a free introductory special reward.

Repeat customers
By adding a loyalty app, Vino Volo hopes to attract repeat customers and increase in-store foot traffic.

The wine bar chain will target customers with personalized offers to keep them coming back.

Currently, Vino Volo only has one non-airport location, but the company plans to expand to more neighborhood locations. This app will help them draw airport consumers to new locations by sending out news and offers.

Vino Volo is not the first company to roll out a mobile loyalty app.

Punchh recently rolled out a similar mobile loyalty program for restaurant chain Earl of Sandwich to reward customers (see story).

“Initially, with the new mobile app, Vino Volo will engage its loyal customers and will be able to understand each of their customers and their preferences,” said Jitendra Gupta, CEO of Punchh, Silicon Valley.

“Then Vino Volo can use the customer insights for targeted campaigns that drive both new and repeat customers,” he said. “When Vino Volo determines that its customers are ready for mobile payments, Punchh can add mobile payments to the platform seamlessly.

“For brands, using mobile to engage customers is no longer optional, but a must-have. Mobile loyalty is about engaging loyal customers so that they not only come back more often, but also spread the word of mouth and recommend the restaurant brand to their friends.”

Final Take
Rebecca Borison is editorial assistant on Mobile Commerce Daily, New York