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Vino For Dinner goes mobile

The application is meant to help everyday citizens become wine connoisseurs even if they are on a budget. Users will never have to deal with a snooty wine clerk while shopping for an inexpensive bottle of wine again.

“We released this mobile application to serve as an assistant to consumers while they are in grocery stores and restaurants,” said Kevin McCormick, president and founder of, Phoenix, AZ.

“Our business is geared towards consumers looking for a good bottle of wine with dinner, that is inexpensive but still good,” he said. is a site dedicated to taking the guesswork out of buying a great bottle of wine for a great price, less than $30 a bottle.

The food and wine pairing site differs from other sites, in that it gives specific wine suggestions, not just a broad explanation of wine types.

Not only does the Web site give information on pairing wine with food, but also detailed wine recommendations.

This new iPhone application has features such as wine reviews, focus on wines under $30 a bottle, a food and wine pairing guide, detailed wine information and large pictures.

All featured wines are wines the average consumer can afford, find readily available and enjoy.

The company claims that this iPhone application is the first in the industry to target this market, the average consumer.

Vino for Dinner Mobile works with iPhone 3G, the original iPhone and iPod Touch.

This application requires iPhone 2.0 software update.

“This application is a good way to help average consumers who don’t want to spend a lot of money on a bottle of wine,” Mr. McCormick said.

“We want to help confused consumers standing in Costco of any other grocery store pick a good wine, for a good price,” he said. The app is also designed to pair the wine with what the consumer is planning for dinner that night.

We are ultimately bettering the in-store and at the restaurant experience.”