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Victoria’s Secret partners with DNCE to showcase new collection in shoppable music video

Victoria’s Secret has partnered with the Joe Jonas-led pop band DNCE for a new music video that showcases the retailer’s newest lingerie collection and enables viewers to shop the featured products via a link in the caption.

The video, for a song called Body Moves, is being hosted on Victoria’s Secret’s YouTube page and social media accounts. Accompanying the video is a mobile call-to-action, letting customers check out the Sexy Little Things collection in action before clicking and being taken straight to the shoppable page.

“The strategy of content marketing with a direct call-to-action link to the featured product is definitely one of the smartest ways to market that a brand can accomplish,” said Marci Troutman, CEO of SiteMinis. “As with any engaging content on YouTube and Instagram (for that matter any social media outlet), brands are always looking for the coveted ‘viral component’ that will gain their content hundreds of thousands and in some cases millions of views.” 

Body Moves
The music video features Joe Jonas and his bandmates alongside Victoria’s Secret models Behati Prinsloo, Taylor Hill, Elsa Hosk, Jasmine Tookes and Joesphine Skriver.

In the video, the models dance and pose, all while showcasing Victoria’s Secret’s latest collection of underwear, Sexy Little Things. The collection shows off a variety of new underwear looks, including Victoria’s Secret’s bralettes and lacy styles.

However, this campaign is more than just provocative content marketing. Victoria’s Secret is also making the video shoppable by including an accompanying link that takes users directly to the Victoria’s Secret mobile site, where the looks seen in the video can be purchased directly.

The retailer and the band are also both making heavy use of social media to promote the video and the partnership, encouraging their many followers to watch and follow the accompanying link to get those looks for themselves.

Digital, interactive, shoppable
Victoria’s Secret is combining a tried-and-true method of advertising, getting a popular artist to feature a brand, with a new mobile twist in the shoppable link.

As more and more consumers consume digital media on their phones, all while brands are seeing a rise in the share of online sales that come from mobile, it is natural to begin to make those two bits of data work together.

Brands can do more than just show their products to customers through their phone and hope they remember it the next time they are out shopping. Now, they can show customers their products and take them to a place where they can purchase those items directly.

Mobile has been the key to putting those strategies into effect. With the recent announcement that Victoria’s Secret would be leaving print catalogs behind and focusing exclusively on mobile and digital, the company is pushing forward with mobile at the forefront (see story).

Interactive, shoppable digital content has been successful for the brand before, with this summer’s mobile beachwear platform being a notable example (see story).

“If and when this viral component hits, the last thing a brand wants to do is be unprepared for the views and not have a link to an action that can be measured,” Ms. Troutman said. “Brands should always anticipate the windfall for each and every campaign they story board with a viral success in mind.

“Great content should always have a measurable action.”