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Venda partners with Digby for commerce-enabled service to unify user shopping experience

The Venda Advanced Mobile Platform (AMP) lets brands deliver a cross-platform commerce experience to any customer at any location. In addition, the company claims that the service will help identify, customize and incentivize a consumer while they are in-store, at home or on-the-go.”

“AMP is the first mobile platform integrated with an ecommerce platform – it is not simply rendering Web content on a mobile browser – it represents the integration of sophisticated multi-channel capabilities to drive revenue regardless of modality – mobile, Web, or brick-and-mortar,” said Jeff Max, CEO of Venda, New York.

“AMP provides a suite of mobile-focused features that leverage data from the traditional ecommerce platform, but utilize and present them in a way that is unique to the mobile channel,” he said.

Venda on-demand ecommerce to retailers and manufacturers, including The Metropolitan Museam of Art, Urban Outfitters, Conde Nast and Jimmy Choo.

Digby provides mobile commerce services designed specifically for retailers.

Mobile shopping
The service will be compatible with BlackBerry and Android devices, as well as Apple’s iPhone, iPod touch and iPad.

Additionally, the company is running geo- and time-specific marketing and ecommerce programs with location targeting capabilities.

AMP enables a fully-transaction mobile service that lets users search, shop, buy or pay packaged goods.

“The partnership will provide best of breed mobile capabilities,” Mr. Max said. “This means that a merchant’s mobile channel evolves continuously without upgrade charges, and is in sync with new and evolving technologies.”

User experience
Venda is using the SaaS model that, the company claims, will give it the autonomy to more effectively manage its front-end user experience.

The service integrated with inventory, catalog and historical order information that is housed in the Venda platform.

AMP features in-store check-ins with timely and personalized offers pushed directly to a user’s device.

In addition, there is bar code scanning for pricing and comparison information via handset cameras to share with friends via Facebook.

There is also a wish-list and registry management, product reviews, order status and stock availability.

“Mobile is allowing consumers to interact with brands and retailers anytime, anyplace,” Mr. Max said. “The AMP platform goes the additional step of integrating Web, mobile, brick-and-mortar leveraging the location-based attributes of the mobile handset with merchandising and CRM systems, to unify the customer/brand purchase experience.”