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Uptake of smartphones means shift for mobile Web development: Netbiscuits CEO

The alliance will allow publishers and developers to integrate rich mobile ads using video, intelligent linking and device-specific schemes provided by Netbiscuits’ online platform to manage and create mobile content from one portal. In this interview, Michael Neidhoefer, CEO of Netbiscuits, talks about the company’s new tools, mobile Web sites and mobile commerce. Read on: 

What are the enhancements meant to do for your clients? And for Netbiscuits?
Expanded high-end phone support really means a paradigm shift for mobile Web development. Now you don’t have to trade-off anymore between reach and layout for mobile Web content.

Using Netbiscuits means mobile Web publishers/developers can create one site/application which covers all devices, from the iPhone to the most simplistic, Web-enabled cell phone.

In the past publishers/developers had to decide between maximum reach, which meant simple mobile Web site layouts or maximum user experience/layout/design, which meant coverage of only a handfull of devices.

For us, we are fulfilling our missing link, providing one platform for all devices globally. A platform that enables the best mobile Web experience that is possible today.

Our new features open up the door to even better mobile Web site experiences with state-of-the-art Web technology like AJAX or Javascript for our customers.

Our location features allow utilization of the most unique features a phone can provide, which is the user location and map that data with content. And in our case you can do this in form of a mobile Web site and do not need to build complex native OS applications or talking to carriers to get localization information.

Many people say that the future of the Internet will be “localized, personalized content at the users point of interest.”

What’s the one enhancement that will change the way mobile business is conducted?
The one I mentioned, because it eliminates major barriers for developers and designers, enabling faster development, testing, go-to-market, ROI.

Localized, personalized content at the users’ point of interest, which also opens up a new way of advertising or commerce – display localized ads or direct people to my shop.

What do these new tools offer that aren’t available elsewhere?
Write once, run anywhere.

Truly build only one application – mobile Web site- which will be delivered convergent with not only iPhone, but also all new high-end phones such as G1, Nokia N97 plus all mid- to low-end phones, which still play an important role in the global mobile Internet.

Today, developers have to code for eight-plus operating systems individually and then still have to test on even thousands of handsets more to achieve a great experience.

Which categories would benefit from these tools?
All businesses who want to mobilize their sites, but in particular companies in the commerce business and advertisers.

How far has mobile commerce progressed?
It represents a relevant revenue stream for our customers to expand on. Mobile services help to win new customers and provide new service offerings.

An indicator for a strong shift is that we have not only eBay and Amazon go mobile but also retail companies, travel industry, ticketing providers or banks go mobile.

What’s Netbiscuits’ goal for 2009?
To become the leading global software technology for enabling and serving of mobile Web sites.

We already serve 8,000-plus mobile Web sites, increased traffic by 200 percent last year and will roll out our product to markets in Latin America and Asia