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Twitter mobile users can shop while they tweet via Payvment solution

Twitter mobile users can now click on a tweet in their stream to purchase a product via a new mobile shopping experience from Payvment.

With Payvment’s sellers already generating thousands of product tweets everyday, the company decided to extend its Facebook ecommerce platform to Twitter. The goal is to make it faster and simpler for the growing number of Twitter users who access the social network via mobile to find, purchase and share products.

“Social commerce and discovery is shifting user behavior from a search/browse model on a PC Web site to a targeted social referral model where the best product for the shopper is recommended to them – often as a post on Twitter or Facebook,” said Christian Taylor, CEO of Payvment, Palo Alto, CA.

“This shift is taking away the downside of shopping on mobile – the smaller screen – since less browsing is required to get to the right product to purchase,” he said.

“As a result, we and other companies are seeing strong growth in mobile shopping, which is why we’re both optimizing our experience for mobile on Twitter and also investing heavily in our Taste Graph technology that powers our recommendations by using a shopper’s social and shopping click data to deliver the best products to them.”

Mobile, social convergence
Payvment has over 100,000 active sellers on Facebook, many of whom already promote products and deals via Twitter.

Now, a Twitter user who follows a seller or brand that uses Payvment will see products or deals from the seller in their stream. Users who click on the URL in the tweet will land on an optimized mobile product page where they can purchase the product immediately or add the item to Payvment’s cart to checkout later.

Users can also add the product to their wish list, view multiple photos and the product description as well as view and make comments.

“More and more, consumers are following brands and sellers they are passionate about – and this experience enables companies to easily promote new products or deals to the Twitter streams of their followers – who can then easily discover, ‘want’ to their wish list, or buy them,” Mr. Taylor said.

“We’re essentially enabling a subscriber shopping model on Twitter and taking much of the friction out of the discovery and purchase process,” he said.

Final Take
Chantal Tode is associate editor on Mobile Commerce Daily, New York