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TurboTax lets consumers prepare, file taxes via mobile

The SnapTax application lets taxpayers snap a photo of their W-2 with their handsets and then automatically enters the information into their tax return. Consumers answer a few basic questions and review their return for accuracy before tapping the “File now” button to electronically file their federal and state tax returns.

“SnapTax is designed to reach a new segment of taxpayers for TurboTax – those that have a simple return and are looking for an easy alternative to tackling their taxes,” said Colleen Gatlin, spokeswoman for Intuit, San Diego.

“People are relying on their phones more and more for everyday tasks, like paying bills, shopping, so why not be able to get their taxes done in an easy, unique way in as little as 15-30 minutes,” she said.

“TurboTax will continue to look at ways and channels that make sense to be in, but the focus now is to provide a great SnapTax experience for iPhone and Android customers.”

Intuit provides business and financial management services. Its flagship products and services, including QuickBooks, Quicken and TurboTax.

Tax time
The application is available for free download and consumers pay when they are ready to electronically file their return. The introductory price of $14.99 includes one federal 1040EZ and one state tax return plus e-filing.

According to the company, the application uses optical character recognition technology to streamline and simplify tax preparation and shows a running tally of the refund, or taxes owed.

“People are using their mobile devices for everything these days,” Ms. Gatlin said. “Intuit as a company is focused on innovative, easy solutions for people.

“It’s about having the right offer, for the right people and in the right places,” she said. “SnapTax fills that space for a certain segment of taxpayers.”

Consumers can purchase and file their taxes

Consumers can snap a photo of their W-2 and the application reviews it

Mobile taxes
Consumers can look over their taxes before sending them off and share the application with friends and family.

“Mobile and apps will continue to be explored and finding more ways to help people with all their financial needs,” Ms. Gatlin. “There are a few other interesting apps to take a look at that really can provide an end to end tax solution for people.

“TaxCaster is available on Android, Windows Phone 7 and iPhone and is a great one to quickly estimate your tax refund,” she said. “’My Tax Refund’ is another one that allows anyone to check the status of their federal refund once it has been e-filed to the IRS. “

Final Take
Here is a demo of the application.