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Triumph laces up social media and sales with animated-themed contest

Triumph Lingerie is attempting to ramp up sales of its merchandise by unveiling its first cartoon model and short animated movie to depict the process of finding a perfectly fitting bra, and is asking consumers to answer questions on social media for a chance to have their likenesses animated.

The brands “Find the One” movie is designed to complement its Find the One and Stand Up for Fit campaigns, both of which leverage strong social media aspects. Triumph is allowing consumers to join the fun by asking them to answer a question related to “The One” on the brand’s Facebook or Twitter page, using the #animateme hashtag, for a chance to win an illustration of themselves.

“We believe that the competition will help to achieve more awareness of the Triumph brand within our consumer target, which ideally translates to shopping power when interacting with the brand in the future, ultimately leading consumers to the fitting room,” said a spokeswoman for Triumph International, Munich, Germany. “Furthermore, we will be issuing out a voucher for all our winners of 30 euros, for them to purchase Triumph product with.”

Leveraging social media
Triumph claims to be the first lingerie brand to tap animation to convey the experience of finding the right bra. The short film aims to tell this emotional story in a creative manner, and has developed a cast of storybook-like characters to resonate with consumers.

Hannah Ferguson, a model for Triumph and Sports Illustrated, has received the animation treatment, displaying the style of how winners of the social media contest will look in cartoon forms.

The “Animate Me” competition is designed to boost the brand’s social media efforts and amount of followers. As mobile becomes increasingly more important to the millennial demographic, a key audience for Triumph, social media contests are a surefire way of reaching many consumers.

Interested guests will be asked to answer a question related to finding “The One” bra, and must submit their answers via the brand’s Facebook page, or on Twitter using the #animateme hashtag. Entrants can also use the Find the One Hub to participate.

The contest will open on April 22 and run through May 13, with winners announced on May 15. Winning entries will be showcased on Triumph’s social media channels at the end of May.

Triumph has been leveraging its Instagram, Facebook and Twitter pages to entice consumers to visit its Web site,, to book an appointment for a bra fitting. As other lingerie brands such as Victoria’s Secret ramp up their mobile offerings, Triumph is attempting to differentiate itself by creating a one-on-one relationship with the customer.

This will likely augment its sales strategy, especially among millennials.

“Triumph expect to see significant consumer traffic to the #animateme hashtag,” Triumph’s spokeswoman said. “The traffic to the hashtag will be amplified by a collaboration with different international influencers, and maintained via a winners gallery.

“In terms of new questions asked each day, we do not see this; however, we do have engaging, question stimulating activities planned for the second half of the year, so stay tuned.”

Animated shorts
Triumph is also gearing up to break out of the mold by rolling out the animated short, a unique tactic that displays the brand’s partnership with Ms. Ferguson, a highly in-demand model. The movie follows the cartoon version of Ms. Ferguson, alongside two friends and her faithful companion, Fred the Frog, as they embark on a journey to “Find the One.”

A fairy godmother finds Ms. Ferguson and informs her that her quest for the perfect bra is feasible, and leads her to “The One.” The main product highlighted in the film is the Magic Wire bra, which offers a flexible piece of silicone in lieu of underwire.

The brand is hoping that the film and contest will boost sales of the Magic Wire bra, as well as other items, especially as Triumph aims to reach more of the United States market.

The short film is set to air on television Italy, Germany and Britain from April 13 through mid-May, with select edited versions available online across Europe.

“We speak to our consumers where they are, and many of our consumers are on social media,” Triumph’s spokeswoman said. “Furthermore, the competition is a fun, engaging way to connect with our consumers and so social media is definitely the right choice.

“Nevertheless it is not our only choice, even though social media is a predominant aspect of this campaign. We are also bringing the competition to life in our newly developed digital space on and”

Final Take
Alex Samuely is an editorial assistant on Mobile Commerce Daily, New York