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Tragus Group, Cineworld run mobile campaign to drive in-store traffic

Tragus is running a mobile social marketing promotion with Cineworld using the MePlease platform. The platform lets businesses engage consumers on their mobile device and incorporates social media sharing.

“All businesses know that they want to do more in mobile and social media, but the level of complexity so high that they don’t know where to start,” said Steve Jarrett, founder/CEO of MePlease, London.

“We are providing businesses with an integrated social media and mobile platform that offers them powerful ways to engage both new and existing customers,” he said. “We take the complexity out of the problem and allow them to focus on their core business goals.”

Tragus Group claims to be Britain’s largest casual dining chain with more than 280 sites across the country. The company operates under Café Rouge, Bella Italia and Strada.

Cineworld is a British cinema group that operates 78 cinemas across the country.

MePlease has created an integrated social media and mobile platform that transforms the relationship between businesses and their customers.

Mobile deals
The companies are running an “any day of the week” dining and cinema ticket deal for Bella Italia and Cineworld customers.

Consumers can enjoy 2 for 1 dining at Bella Italia and 2 film tickets for £11.00 at Cineworld.

Consumers can use the deal at any of Bella Italia and Cineworld locations.

If customers are dining in Birmingham, they can text the keyword CINEWORLD BIRMINGHAM to the short code 63757.

“Mobile is the most personal and social computer ever invented,” Mr. Jarrett said. “It’s always in your pocket, connected to the Internet and connected to your friends.

“It’s a natural fit for social media and as the same time it’s a natural marketing platform,” he said. “The fundamental challenge is that mobile marketing can be incredibly intrusive unless the consumer feels in control of who can reach them and with what frequency.

“The balance of power in marketing is shifting to the consumer at the same time that the engagement model is moving from broadcast to a one-to-one conversation – our platform facilitates those marketing conversations for both businesses and the consumer.”

Social integration
Consumers can also share the promotion with friends via Facebook.

“Our primary consumers are ages 15-35 who see brands as an extension of their personality, love going out and like to be generous with their friends and family and also to be seen as the one in the know,” Mr. Jarrett said. “They are extremely active on their mobiles as well as Facebook and other forms of social media.

“We have relationships with some of the best brands in Britain to create successful, measurable, interactive and viral one-to-one marketing campaigns,” he said. “They are using our platform to engage with their consumers, who then share the MePlease service through word of mouth and Facebook.”