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Tommy Bahama print ad sells sunglasses via click-to-buy QR code

The company worked with Scanbuy to promote its polarized lenses. When readers snap a photo of the bar code, they are redirected to a landing page to buy the sunglasses featured in the ad.

“There’s an ease of consumer experience,” said Laura Marriott, Denver-based acting chief marketing officer of NeoMedia Technologies Inc.

“By leveraging mobile bar codes, the consumer is simply able to scan the code and immediately be directed to their desired information, application, call center, coupon, etc without having to enter long URLs or phone numbers from their mobile device,” she said.

Ms. Marriott commented because she is a bar code expert. NeoMedia did not power this effort.

Tommy Bahama is a purveyor of island lifestyles and maker of lifestyle clothing and accessories.

Scanbuy is the creator of ScanLife, a bar code scanner application compatible with several commonly used 1D and 2D bar codes, including QR, Datamatrix, EZcode, UPC, EAN and ISBN.

Tommy’s sunglasses
Consumers can text the keyword SCAN to the short code 43588 to go to to download the application.

When consumers scan the bar code they are redirected to Tommy Bahama’s landing page.

Here is a screen grab of the ad:

There, consumers can buy the Waimea Wave Wayfair Sunglasses featured in the ad.

Here is a screen grab of the landing page:

The sunglasses cost $138.

Consumers can also browse the retailer’s site for other products for men, women, swim, home décor, stores and restaurants.

“The analytics which are available to the brand through the bar code campaign will also enable them to measure statistics around the consumer’s interaction with the product and/or advertisement,” Ms. Marriott said.

“Statistics can include time of day, location, duration of interaction and so on,” she said. “As each code is scanned, information about the consumer can be transferred to the brand that offers the opportunity to run more targeted campaigns and/or return information to the consumer based on their demographics and/or preferences.”