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TLC’s Love Lust or Run hangs up shoppable clothing on social

TLC’s Love Lust or Run is the first series to enable fans to shop in real-time via mobile platform Go2Buy and the television network’s social media accounts.

Viewers will be able to immediately purchase clothing items featured on the show by visiting on their mobile devices or checking TLC’s Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and Pinterest accounts for shoppable links. This type of technology brings another meaning to consumer instant gratification, and suggests that in the near future, more television programs will have second-screen components to allow viewers to receive the same featured looks with the tap of a button.

“Loyal followers of ‘Love, Lust or Run’ respect and trust the fashion advice offered by style guru Stacy London,” said Ken Morris, principal, Boston Retail Partners, Boston, MA. “Making it easy for the audience to find and buy the fashion items Stacy features on the show in real-time, while they are watching the show, will make the shopping experience fun and memorable.

“As Stacy says, ‘style can change your look… but it can also change your life.’ This is a natural progression from a TV show that offers fashion advice to one that allows you to buy the items they recommend.”

Social networks and mcommerce
Social networks, particularly photo-sharing application Instagram, are becoming more and more tied to mobile commerce as users browse for outfit or home décor inspirations.

Marketers are spotting an ideal opportunity to directly target those interested consumers and drive impulse purchases by offering links to buy in their branded account profiles.

Fans of Love Lust or Run may visit the Go2Buy platform or TLC’s social pages to view the items worn by Ms. London and collaborators on the show. If a product is of interest, he or she may connect to the “Buy Now” buttons for the item, featured directly from social media feeds.

Consumers will then be brought to a retail site to complete a secure checkout. As no memberships or sign-ins are required to use the platform or to shop, users have a prime opportunity to make an impulse buy and have a desired outfit ready to ship to their homes at a moment’s notice.

Instagram’s ability to showcase clothing and accessories with different filters also reflects favorably on many brands’ pieces.

Women’s shoe designer Jack Rogers ramped up excitement for summer, a big sales season for the brand known for its classic sandals, by leveraging a countdown-themed giveaway on Instagram that offered users a chance to win one pair of its most popular styles each day, proving that social media-enabled contests are still potent with consumers (see story).

Buy-now platforms
Television series may perhaps be the best vehicle to leverage the social interactiveness that buy-now platforms are able to offer consumers. If viewers are watching Love Lust or Run together, they can complete an impromptu shopping spree on their mobile devices without leaving the couch, and pick out trendy pieces that are approved by Ms. London.

TLC claims that fans often contact the network to ask where they can purchase Ms. London’s outfits, prompting it to team up with shoppable content management system Stylinity for use of the Go2Buy platform.

Fashion enthusiasts can also view curated lookbooks of popular styles on the Stylinity Web and mobile sites.

“The proliferation of smartphones and tablets has led to the phenomenon of the second screen – viewing another device while watching TV,” Mr. Morris said. “Since research indicates that more than 80 percent of TV viewers who own a smartphone or tablet are surfing the Web or social media while watching TV, retailers and broadcasters might as well capitalize on this trend by engaging with viewers to create more customer intimacy and selling opportunities.”

Final Take
Alex Samuely is an editorial assistant on Mobile Commerce Daily, New York