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Thrillist offers mobile deals via Absolut Vodka-sponsored app

The app lets users browse timely deals and buy them via their mobile device. The app is available for free download in Apple’s App Store and Google’s Android Market.

“Currently, the ad opp is an exclusive app sponsorship,” said Chris Steib, director of product development at Thrillist. “The app starts up with the rewards logo locked up with the client’s, and there’s also custom creative in the main rewards carousel tied to our refer-a-friend offer.

“There are other ad impressions throughout the referral process, as well as on the reward confirmation page,” he said. “This ensures that the client’s brand is associated with actions in the app that are valuable to the user, without distracting him from the native Rewards functionality.

“It makes the advertiser much more a part of the core experience.”

Thrillist Rewards is Thrillist’s local ecommerce platform, known for its approach to the local deal space.

Mobile deals
When consumers browse the app for deals they can see a page that reads “Thrillist Rewards Brought To You By Absolut Vodka.”

The page features an image of three Absolut Vodka bottles and tells users that they when they share Thrillist Rewards they will earn $10 for each friend who signs up and buys a reward.

When users tap on the sponsored app, they are redirected to another page where they can share the app with friends through Facebook, Twitter and email.

Users can share the app with friends

Additionally, users are given a unique link to share.

“We were really stoked to get Absolut on board for the rewards app launch,” Mr. Steib said. “It was a part of a much bigger execution, which included local bloody-mary-themed events, two Facebook apps, Web and email banners and more.

“The app sponsorship is very pretty feather in the cap of a killer, quarter-long campaign,” he said. “Absolut’s also a great lifestyle brand, really speaks to the rewards experience, and it was a treat to design a part of the app around their iconic logo and fonts.”

Mobile app
Users can receive mobile notifications of new deals and rewards in their city each week, as soon as they become available.

Users can browse deals

Users can redeem the deals by presenting a voucher built within the app to a participating merchant.

In addition users can get insider access to deals such as cocktail classes, sold-out concerts and exclusive chef’s dinners via the mobile app.

“What’s awesome about Thrillist Rewards is that, in addition to being really good lifestyle content, it’s very actionable,” Mr. Steib said. “Got nothing going on next weekend? Check out Rewards to pick up a sweet experience, and invite your friends to join you.

“The Thrillist Rewards mobile apps are an extension of this, adding more immediacy and availability to the experience,” he said. “While you’re out, check out if Thrillist Rewards has any sweet promotions in your city, tap right into your address book to email friends about it, purchase the reward of your choice, and present your in-app voucher to redeem it on the spot.”

“Moving forward, we’ll be tying together the Thrillist reader’s ‘My Thrillist’ and the mobile experience.

The company is also redesigning its core Thrillist iPhone and Android apps.

“When it comes to the rewards app specifically, I think we’ll see a lot of mobile redemption, but also a ton of on-the-go purchases,” Mr. Steib said. “It’s like a personal, take-along concierge, in a way.”

Final Take
Rimma Kats is staff reporter on Mobile Commerce Daily, New York