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Rathbuns, Bella Bacinos implement Mocapay mobile services

Rathbuns, Marlowe’s and Bella Bacinos are the most recent restaurants that have implemented Mocapay’s mobile services to engage consumers and build a loyal following.

Using Mocapay’s mobile suite, these restaurants are now able to better target their customers with exclusive specials and loyalty perks, both in and out of each location.

“All three restaurants will be using Mocapay’s mobile consumer engagement platform to engage with customers through mobile marketing to receive promotions and offers directly to their mobile phones,” said Kevin Grieve, CEO of Mocapay, Denver. “Also to retain and attract new customers, all three will be mobilizing their loyalty programs to increase repeat visits.”

Mocapay is a mobile platform for merchants, which offers an integrated marketing and sales service to enhance the lifetime value of a customer.

Depending upon mobile services utilized, restaurant customers will be able to participate in mobile-to-mobile gifting and accrue/redeem loyalty rewards from the convenience of their mobile phone.

Restaurants aim to connect people with great food.

Mobile complements this mission by allowing restaurants to connect with customers.

The Mocapay mobile platform allows restaurants to enhance their relationships and keep customers coming back for more.

Mocapay’s embedded mobile marketing engine allows all three restaurants to create, monitor and tailor mobile marketing messages to customers that are targeted to their behavior and location.

“Mobile is filling the void that traditional marketing has been unsuccessful at and that is being with the customer at the time of purchase decisions,” Mr. Grieve said. “With mobile, businesses are able to engage with consumers in real-time and offer promotions and/or offers that are targeted specifically to them and their location.

“Businesses that are looking to initiate a mobile strategy need to take in account how they are able to engage with the customer throughout all aspects leading up to the point-of-sale and directly afterward, a crucial point to creating repeat customers,” he said.

“By providing 360-degrees of interactivity businesses are able to increase revenue and retain and attract customers.”