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The Oxford Club, Spa and Salon increases customer loyalty via mobile marketing initiative

The Denver-based spa and salon joins Smooth Skin Centers and Two Ten Nail, Wax and Dry Bar, which tapped Mocapay’s mobile suite to engage customers.

“In today’s digital culture, mobile can be utilized in every business vertical,” said Kevin Grieve, CEO of Mocapay, Denver. “Mocapay is continuing to demonstrate that merchants, across multiple industries, can benefit from mobile.

“The spa industry is no different in wanting to enhance the relationships it has with its customers along with attracting new customers,” he said. “Oxford Spa, Two Ten, and Smooth Skin Centers are looking to deepen their relationship with their existing customers, while being able, through mobile, to reach out to new consumers looking for spa and salon services.”

Mocapay is a mobile integrated marketing and sales platform for merchants to broaden their loyalty and gift programs by mobilizing sales and marketing to reach customers anytime.

Customer loyalty
Customers can participate in mobile-to-mobile gifting and redeem loyalty rewards directly from their mobile device.

The spas and salons are targeting their clientele base via exclusive specials, appointment reminders and loyalty perks before, during and after transactions.

Here is a screen grab of the Two Ten Nail mobile wallet:

“Leveraging a mobile form factor for loyalty removes some of the friction inherent to card-based programs,” Mr. Grieve said. “Merchants who choose to mobilize their loyalty program provide customers added convenience to accrue and redeem rewards.

“Beyond just loyalty, the Mocapay mobile suite provides a 360-degree level of interactivity between the brand and consumer, continuously enhancing that relationship,” he said.

The spas and salons are not the only ones using Mocapay’s mobile suite.

Green Mill Restaurants Inc. is using the mobile channel for its marketing, commerce and customer relationship management initiatives.

In addition, the company has mobile-enabled its gift and loyalty program and is integrating mobile marketing initiatives (see story).

Mobile targets
Additionally, The Oxford Club, Spa and SalonSmooth Skin Centers and Two Ten Nail, Wax and Dry Bar are targeting their existing clientele and using Mocapay’s mobile suite to reach new customers.

“The Oxford Club, Spa and Salon, Smooth Skin Centers and Two Ten Nail, Wax and Dry Bar will be utilizing social media outreach such as Facebook posts, in-store collateral, Web site displays and messaging, as well as event promotion,” Mr. Grieve said.

Final Take