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The Limited shifts majority of technology focus to mobile

During the session Gaining Market Share in Today’s Rapidly Changing Retail Environment, the executive noted that the retailer’s ecommerce has been developed fully, and while there is always room for improvement, is operating at a positive standard. The Limited is centered on further expanding its mobile efforts, as the platform is in a constant state of evolution.

“We are really focusing from a technology standpoint on the growth of mobile,” said Jenn McClain-De John, senior vice president of ecommerce and alternative channels at The Limited. “We always have our mobile devices in our hands, so there is lots of technology out there, but what is the role of mobile with the brands?

“We have spent probably the last five or six months focusing on really what is the growth of mobile from a technology standpoint,” she said. “From an ecommerce standpoint we feel pretty good.

“We have a pretty strong platform and a lot of technology on the Web site. There is always room for improvement but I would say that we are spending the majority of our time on the power of mobile.”

Desktop ecommerce Web sites have become a popular sector of retail since the launch of the Internet. Retail through digital Web sites is more than an industry standard, it is an imperative aspect of commerce.

This channel of retail has largely been kept at status quo, and has not gone through major shifts in consumer behavior or technology. For The Limited, and many other retailers, the operation of ecommerce desktop sales lacks the need for further developing or innovation.

Mobile marketing and commerce is where numerous retailers such as The Limited are focusing their efforts on because the platform is so hard to grasp. Almost as if attempting to catch a butterfly, mobile is constantly going through major changes and shifts in consumer behavior.

New applications and features are constantly being introduced via mobile platforms and this makes it difficult for retailers and brands to catch up. It is challenging to pinpoint what exactly is the best method in connecting with these always on-the-go and constantly connected users.

These platforms are key in reaching consumers today, and so retailers must focus a substantial amount of energy on how to innovate in this field and how to draw in customers and consumers.

The Limited is attempting to stay ahead of these trends and determine where mobile is going, and what is the best method to attract their customers and consumers. The retailer knows that for consumers, their devices are always on their minds, and in turn is cognizant that mobile needs to be on its mind.

Omni-channel approach
It is important for The Limited to have an omnichannel strategy and the retailer was able to break these silos that can prevent companies from serving a completely seamless and authentic experience for consumers.

“For ecommerce we have an endless aisle, so we carry a lot more product online,” Ms. McClain-De John said. “But that does not mean that if a customer enters our store she can not get the product there and store associates can pull the ecommerce inventory.

“The customer is always right,” she said. “We had meetings from a channel standpoint on who gets credit for certain sales, but we stopped that.

“If we are truly going to be client first, then it really does not matter, because we are all one big company.”

Final take
Brielle Jaekel is editorial assistant at Mobile Commerce Daily