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The Dealmap rolls out location-based Android deals app to increase reach

dealmapLocation-based deals aggregator The Dealmap has expanded its distribution footprint with the launch of an Android application.
Dealmap is a source for consumers to find and share local deals. Mobile Commerce Daily interviewed Dan Visnick, vice president of marketing at Dealmap, Menlo Park, CA. Here is what he said:

Why the need to expand to Android?
The Dealmap makes great local deals available to people when and where they want them. 

By extending our mobile footprint to Android, more consumers can easily access the most comprehensive collection of local deals through our mobile applications in addition to social apps, the Web site and daily emails. 

According to comScore, iPhone and Android together account for 41 percent of smartphone market share (comScore, Sept. 2010).

Based on the success of our iPhone app, which has generated more than 175,000 downloads in just 6 weeks and is driving positive business metrics, we believe making our deals available on Android-powered devices presents us with a great opportunity.

How does the new app take advantage of Android’s unique device capabilities?
The Dealmap leverages Android’s location awareness so people can access the most comprehensive view of local deals around them – more than 350,000 each day – at all kinds of local businesses from restaurants and spas, to hotels and retail stores.

Additionally, for the first time, Android users will be able to see local daily deals from sources like Groupon, Living Social and nearly 100 others all in one place and positioned on a map to find the most relevant deals nearby.

Additionally, people can use Android’s speech recognition feature to easily add deals from businesses – instead of typing in the deal description or business address, they can enter it by voice.

What is the strategy behind the app?
Our mobile applications are helping to change the way people shop and purchase locally. 

People look online for deals at businesses every day, but location-aware devices and our applications now enable them to see the best deals that are closest to them.  

Additionally, it has previously been hard to capture the type of unique deals that are only posted on “store windows” – our app makes it easy for consumers or businesses to add and share these great local deals.

What challenges does it address for consumers?
The Dealmap was launched to give people a comprehensive source where they could find great local deals, all in one place and even while on the go, without having to visit multiple sites or subscribe to multiple emails.

The Dealmap mobile apps also make local national deals that are online accessible from mobile devices, allows people to access or upload unique “store window” deals for the first time, and gives people the ability to browse popular daily deals in one place on a map for the first time.

The impetus for The Dealmap came from participating in years of consumer research on local search where a frequent request was to help people more easily find deals and special offers at local businesses.

By making a comprehensive view of local deals available to consumers for the first time, The Dealmap helps people enjoy life’s experiences, even on a budget.

What opportunities does the app provide to potential advertisers? Can you talk about specific brands pushing deals through the app?
Brands and small businesses who submit deals to The Dealmap will now get wider distribution in our network, which includes our Web site, daily emails, mobile and social applications and network of publishing partners.

Small businesses can easily add deals for their businesses through the app for free and so can consumer fans of their businesses, and brands or businesses looking for prominent placement can partner with The Dealmap to have their deals featured throughout our network.