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Texas’ Paramount Theatre sells tickets via iPhone app

The Paramount Theatre of Austin, TX, has launched an iPhone application that lets on-the-go patrons buy tickets.

The Paramount Theatre application was launched to allow the nonprofit organization stay connected to its subscribers. Charity Dynamics developed the application.

“The real goal of the application is adding it to their marketing and integrating the mobile phone to all things they are currently doing,” said Donna Wilkins, president of Charity Dynamics, Austin, TX.

“The application is a great way for them to promote information to patrons on the go,” she said. “A number of the theater productions are known a year ahead of time but they do book new shows on short notice, this is a great way to promote that.”

Charity Dynamics provides online services such as strategy and implementation for nonprofit organizations.

The Paramount Theatre is listed on the National Register of Historic Places and has entertained audiences for close to 100 years.

Connecting with consumers
The application is currently free and without ad-support, although the capabilities are there Ms. Wilkins said.

In the application consumers can view listings of upcoming shows at the Paramount, buy tickets, receive special show offers, receive GPS-based directions to the theater, register to become a theater member, make a donation and click-to-share the application with other iPhone or iPod touch users.

Consumers can also get notification of special promotions from surrounding restaurants or other retailers that Paramount has partnered with for subscriber benefits.

Paramount can manage the iPhone application content from one location at the same time  they are updating the Web site and Facebook page.

“They’ve got blend of traditional productions as well as edgier artists,” Ms. Wilkins said. “The application is a way to meet people where they are, on mobile, and promote shows.”

The application was designed to reach a new audience as well as retain the current audience.

Paramount included the mobile commerce aspect of purchasing tickets to let consumers be spontaneous.

Ms. Wilkins said that consumers can take advantage of the buying power in the application to get tickets for performances on the fly.

If a consumer purchases tickets via the application they are given a recent inside the application and present their phone as their ticket.

Ms. Wilkins said that the primary goal of the Paramount Theatre application was to meet consumers on their platform of choice.

“It’s really about meeting their patrons to help them make the decision to visit the theater,” Ms. Wilkins said. “it adds more value to traditional marketing channels, there’s already a list of things they’d like to add to the next version of the app.

“It’s a great way to start getting engagement with subscribers and theater visitors and it opens a whole new channel they can communicate with people on for years,” she said.