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Teva tries geo-targeting to drive shoe sales

Teva’s Unfollow campaign is the shoe brand’s largest marketing campaign to date and includes print, video, mobile, Web, retail and social. For the mobile portion, Teva is running geo-targeted ads around retailers that are selling its new TevaSphere shoe – an outdoor cross-trainer.

“We have some great retail partners that are carrying the full line of TevaSphere,” said Amy Stanfield, senior marketing manager at Teva, Goleta, CA.

“We wanted to utilize mobile ads to drive consumers to these retailers – both online and in bricks-and-mortar  – to go experience the TevaSphere technology,” she said.

“We are geo-targeting within a mile of our retailers, which serves the ads up in context of apps the user is already engaging with. The ads are custom to the retailer within the geo-location.”

Mobile sole
The TevaSphere shoe is available for both men and women. The cross-trainer comes in a few different styles and begins retailing at $120.

The Unfollow campaign urges consumers to break up their daily routines by trying a new adventure.

Teva’s mobile ads are running within applications and sites including Accuweather and Weatherbug.

Creative for the ad features a photo of the TevaSphere shoe next to copy that reads, “Change your shoe, not your stride.”

The ad also shows consumers how far away they are from a retailer that sells the shoe.

When consumers tap on the ad, a landing page shows the contact information for the nearest store and directions.

Additionally, a button at the top of the landing page encourages consumers to click to learn more.

A click-through leads consumers to Teva’s Web microsite. There consumers can watch videos, view campaign images and shop the shoes.

By using both location and online components, the ads target two different groups of consumers and ultimately help Teva drive sales.

“Mobile offers endless opportunities for Teva to engage with our consumers,” Ms. Stanfield said.

“From social storytelling, shopping and applications, the brand and the industry is just beginning to scratch the surface of what can be done in this arena,” she said.

Multichannel reach
In addition to mobile, Teva is also using social media to connect with outdoor enthusiasts.

Consumers are encouraged to upload photos on Instagram, Twitter and Pinterest with the hashtag #unfollowchallenge. The photos are meant to show consumers’ own outdoor adventures.

Teva will then choose one lucky winner in April to receive cash to take their ultimate trip outside.

“The Teva target consumer is young, active and always on the go,” Ms. Stanfield said.

“Mobile devices are part of their everyday lives – whether at school, work, socially or even in the outdoors,” she said.

“We know that our consumers are savvy. They shop online, compare, read reviews and use their mobile devices to engage in the outdoors. Teva has an opportunity to engage authentically with our consumers where they are, creating a more meaningful connection with the brand.”

Final Take
Lauren Johnson is associate reporter on Mobile Commerce Daily, New York