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Target furthers mcommerce push with film merchandise promotion

The Target mobile ad

Target is continuing to rely on mobile advertising as a way to drive sales with a new campaign that plays up merchandise for the upcoming “The Amazing Spider-Man” film.

Target is also using a mobile-only exclusive within the ad to show users an upcoming trailer from the new movie. The ads are running inside the Flixster iPhone application.

“Mobile is part of Target’s broad marketing initiative for the new Spider-Man movie, and an example of our commitment to connect with guests in new and engaging ways,” said Erica Julkowski, spokeswoman for Target, Minneapolis.

“We know guests are interested in new theatrical content, so providing exclusive video is relevant, engaging and fun for our guests. The video also builds association with Target and the new Spider-Man film,” she said.

“Today’s guest is digitally savvy, so we’re striving to create dynamic and differentiated experiences in our mobile offerings as well as, our stores and print ads. We’re focused on connecting with guests in ways that are relevant, fun and engaging.”

Spin on mobile
The copy for the Target ads includes an image from the film and encourages users to tap to view products that are available at the retailer’s locations and Web site.

When users tap on the ad, they are redirected to a mobile landing page that is filtered to show products solely from The Amazing Spider-Man.

Additionally, a mobile video is prominently displayed across the top of the screen where consumers can watch a trailer for the film. The video is also being promoted on Target’s optimized site as a mobile-only exclusive.

In this case, giving users a piece of related content in addition to options for how they want to shop is a great way to build up hype around the film and give consumers an incentive to shop via their handsets.

The mobile landing page lays out the Spider-Man-related products by categories such as books, party supplies, movies and games and toys. Each category takes shoppers to individual product pages where users can read reviews, add items to their baskets and check-out from inside the ad.

Users can shop film-themed products

“Since mobile landing pages are so easy to build and manage, retailers can create incredibly specific campaigns based on the fact that customers are already engaged in a certain message,” said Alex Kutsishin, president of FiddleFly Inc., Columbia, MD.

“If someone clicks a Spider-Man ad, they have already demonstrated an interest that needs to be paid off by the complimentary mobile site,” he said.

“For a retailer like Target, these mobile sites will aim to pull customers into stores, and mobile users are of course far more likely to be out of their homes and susceptible to being drawn in.”

Prime placement
Target has run similar themed mobile ad campaigns in the past.

For example, last year the retailer used a time-sensitive ad campaign to give users a peek at an upcoming holiday-themed sale (see story).

Additionally, Target ran a mobile campaign in April that promoted its pharmacy department to find a nearby location, view their prescriptions and  browse weekly deals (see story).

Placement makes a big difference with how consumers will react to a mobile ad, which this campaign is an example of.

The Target ads are running next to entertainment and movie-related content. Based on the similar content, consumers might be more willing to click on an ad with a relevant context.

“Mobile users can be very easily offended by ads, especially boring banner ads,” Mr. Kutsishin said.

“Ads that are creatively placed and invite interaction versus simply consumption perform far better,” he said.

“More than the placement of ads, the content of the ad and how it is delivered is the real measure of how it will perform, and with mobile being so targeted, advertisers can now take advantage of that.”

Final Take
Lauren Johnson is editorial assistant on Mobile Commerce Daily, New York