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Sybase 365 upgrades mcommerce banking services

The mBanking service includes device detection and renders logic to present mobile-optimized Web pages for iPhone, BlackBerry and Android devices. The platform is now available globally.

“The key to this strategy is better bank and operator compliance support, and reduced operation and IT complexity,” said Andrew Mikesell, Boston-based mcommerce product director at Sybase 365.

“Sybase continues to execute on our unwired enterprise vision by expanding the feature set for the mBanking platform in several ways,” he said. “The company is now offering an iPhone and mobile browser-based set of Corporate and Treasury Management workflows that allow a business to become untethered from the office for money movement decisions such as Wire Release, ACH release, and Positive Payment Decisioning.”

Sybase 365, a subsidiary of Sybase Inc. which enables mobile information services for mobile carriers, financial institutions and enterprises.

Multichannel platform
The platform features multichannel mobile banking that includes SMS and mobile browsing.

There is also multi-device support that includes device detection.

Here is a screen grab of the service:

“We have enhanced the technology to detect and present optimized user interface templates for the end user based on the capabilities of the user’s phone, thereby increasing the number of supported devices while reducing the need for a 1:1 device management approach,” Mr. Mikesell said.

Mobile banks
The platform offers alert management that lets banks have more control over how they send alerts, including aggregating messages so that customers receive a single message rather than multiple, consecutive messages.

The service also lets banks control which services are currently available based on user, service package, mobile channel used and carrier.

Additionally, the platform offers core services such as ATM locator, mobile self enrollment and financial product information services.

“Sybase approaches the mcommerce space by addressing seven key areas for mobilization for the banks and enterprises,” Mr. Mikesell said. “These include mobilizing banking, payments, remittance, vouchers, surveys, loyalty and marketing. 

“MBanking 3.0 represents continuous investment into the mobile application space and demonstrates our commitment to the unwired enterprise strategy,” he said.

Final Take
Rimma Kats, editorial assistant at Mobile Commerce Daily, New York.