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Susan G. Komen enlists QR codes for fundraising

Nonprofit Susan G. Komen has tapped several mobile channels to bolster charity donations and registrants.

The QR codes are part of Susan G. Komen’s Passionately Pink for the Cure campaign, which helps raise money for breast cancer research. The mobile bar codes will be appearing in print materials through March.

“We want to be where the consumers are and provide easy access to breast health and breast cancer information,” said Brian Penrod, manager of interactive media at Susan G. Komen for the Cure, Dallas.

“As a nonprofit, all actions whether on Web or mobile, should always provide an option to donate,” he said.

Mobile scan
The Susan G. Komen mobile bar codes appear in advertisements in Marie Claire magazine.

The Passionately Pink for the Cure campaign encourages users to register on the nonprofit’s mobile site at to sign up and start a local fundraiser in their community.


Here are the magazine ads with the mobile bar codes

Once users scan the mobile bar code, they are taken to the company’s mobile site and prompted to watch a video that describes the campaign.

Options to donate are prominently placed around the page where users can give money directly to Susan G. Komen by typing in their contact information and credit card information.

A large button is located below the YouTube clip to help users immediately sign up after watching the video.

Consumers who scan the mobile bar code can also learn about the campaign, how it works and view additional videos that give users tips on how to start their own fundraiser.

Links to the fundraiser’s social media sites to Facebook and Twitter are also prominently promoted on the site.

Mobile charity
Susan G. Komen has a big focus on the mobile Web, which lets the nonprofit leverage its digital components all from one place.

The nonprofit recently announced that 50 percent of the company’s mobile users access the site more than once a day, showing how mobile plays an important role for medical patients looking for quick access to information while on the go (see story).

By tying a national fundraiser with a mobile Web site and bar codes, Susan G. Komen is able to leverage content for mobile users in a new way.

Additionally, the focus on social media is also a smart move to help the nonprofit increase its social media impact.

“Along with driving people to, we wanted to provide users on the go the ability to easily access the campaign and learn more about breast health and breast cancer,” Mr. Penrod said.

“The mobile site plays a large roll and will become more important the more we have mobile campaigns through future applications and text message campaigns,” he said.

“We feel that the mobile site is the foundation for all mobile activity.”

Final Take
Lauren Johnson is editorial assistant on Mobile Commerce Daily, New York