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SuperSaver expands mobile coupon app using social media is using social media to expand its mobile presence, letting merchants connect consumers with savings based on their location.

Consumers can save on deals from their favorite merchants near their location and share deals with friends on Facebook and Twitter. The application is available on Apple’s iPhone, iPod touch and iPad.

“These savings are in the form of coupons, promotions, sales, ads or information and could be from a local independent grocer, a national fast-food restaurant chain that has a location nearby, a regional group movie theater, or an Internet-based travel agent providing travel specials—the list of examples of merchants that can use our platform is endless,” said Milissa Rick, vice president of marketing at, Madison, WI.
“The ability for this information to be available quickly to the consumer through mobile application devices such as the iPhone, iTouch, and iPad accelerates the value of the brand and gives immediate response to the requesting consumer,” she said.

SuperSaver is a location-based mobile and online promotion engine.

Save me money
Consumers can download the application, which returns results particular to their location, interest and time. 

After the application sees where the user is located, it produces results from merchants and contributors that have made their promotions available.

In addition, consumers can keep track of their favorite merchants and clip and save deals for later use.

Users can view instant category listings of merchants near them and clip deals and recall them at a future date when the consumer is visiting the merchant.

“ is focusing on several key consumer target audiences including moms, college students, technology enthusiasts and travelers,” Ms. Rick said. “For our merchant focus, we are targeting the types of merchants these key consumer target audiences would be most interested in finding deals from, such as restaurants, retailers, bars and pubs, coffee shops, spas, hotels, gas and convenience stations, and entertainment venues.

“We are engaging on several social outposts including Facebook, Twitter and our own blog,” she said.

Here is a screen grab of the Facebook feature:

Mobile deals
Consumers can access maps and driving directions from their current location that show them nearby merchants.

Additionally, they can show their coupon from their handset to the cashier, who then scans the bar code or enters the coupon code.

Here is a screen grab of the Twitter feature:

“In addition to social media, we are using more traditional marketing tactics such as PR, advertising outreach in publications and online, as well as sponsorship and attendance at community events and national conferences,” Ms. Rick said.

“ is also currently working on an app for the Android, followed then by an app for Blackberry,” she said.

Final Take
Here is a demo of the application.