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Stratosphere Hotel Casino & Towers sends targeted offers via new mobile program

Stratosphere Hotel Casino & Tower as well as three other Nevada casinos have launched a new mobile loyalty program across all four brands so they can reach new and existing customers with targeted messages.

The targeted messaging will be based upon personal preferences, visit patterns and customers’ status with the ace Play loyalty program. The mobile loyalty program is set for market launch at all four properties this month.

“Any brand wanting to build loyalty and customer affinity can do so by implementing a mobile program which allows customers to access their status, points, credits, etc. information in a self-service fashion and be able to redeem from their device without standing in front of a Kiosk or a live host on the premises,” said Steve Boyle, CEO at Joingo, San Jose, CA. “When live contact is necessary or desired, the mobile program can connect to the right person at the right level considering customer value, location, etc.

“On the marketing side, mobile is a fantastic medium for delivering marketing, offers, and coupons in real time,” he said.

“It also allows a brand to build a personal relationship with an individual if the program is connected to a CRM or customer profile database.  Using past purchase and visit history, a brand can focus communication on relevant and appropriate messaging and offers based upon the target consumer’s total value to the business.”

Maximizing customer databases
Joingo has a two-year agreement with American Casino & Entertainment Properties, which operates the four casinos, for the mobile loyalty program.

Casinos spend a lot of time, energy and money building loyalty and affinity with their players. They also store large amounts of player data that is often under-utilized.

Mobile loyalty programs such as ACEP’s lets casinos maximize the return on those investments by enabling them to deliver personalized, highly targeted interactive messages in real-time.

The new mobile loyalty program will enable ACEP to effectively and efficiently develop and distribute mobile content and launch mobile marketing campaigns.

The casino operator’s goal is to be able to interact in real-time with customers and further the development of its ace Play loyalty program.

ACEP’s messaging strategy will include dynamic, engaging incentives to come in and play more, messaging designed to keep players playing more and staying on-premise longer, information on what is happening that moment on the property as well as reminders, announcements and special offers.

Real-time information
Program features will include the ability for app users to receive a custom experience based on their level in the ace Play loyalty program, unique content and one-button access to contact the host at their preferred property.

Users will also be able to access live data from the Aristocrat Oasis360 casino management system and ACEP will broadcast its Personal Challenge program through the mobile loyalty program.

The mobile program will be integrated with ACEP existing marketing processes and practices, enabling the company to leverage its customer database in mobile.

In addition to the Stratosphere Hotel Casino & Tower, ACEP operates Arizona Charlie’s Decatur and Arizona Charlie’s Boulder, which are two off-Strip casinos as well as The Aquarius Casino Resort in Laughlin, Nevada.

“Mobile complements all existing advertising, marketing, promotion and brand loyalty programs due to its enhanced interactivity and real-time capabilities,” Mr. Boyle said.