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Spinx Co. reveals mobile payment plans

The mobile app will also incorporate the company’s loyalty program. Spinx Co. is working with NCR Corp. on its mobile payment initiatives.

“Currently, Spinx is rolling out the mobile payments and loyalty functions of ConvenienceGo,” said Jimmy Frangis, vice president and general manager of grocery and convenience stores at NCR, Duluth, GA.

“This is a logical first step for any retailer getting into mobile payments,” he said. “The technology can be easily expanded with the other functions as shoppers get more comfortable using the technology and stores get more comfortable rolling out new functions.”

Spinx did not respond to press inquiries.

Spinx operates 69 convenience stores in South Carolina and North Carolina. The company is headquartered in Greenville, SC.

Pay on mobile
Spinx is rolling out the mobile payment app in 57 of its stores and is leveraging NCR’s ConveniceGo technology.

The app will be called Spinx Xtras.

The app will let users pre-select the amount of gas that they want to pay for and make the transaction straight from their car.

The convenience store brand is also using mobile to build up its loyalty efforts. The app will let consumers store a digital copy of their loyalty card.

According to Spinx, loyalty-facing features will let consumers redeem discounts and offers when users checkout.

Additionally, Spinx will brand the app with its logo and company colors.

The mobile payment space is heating up, especially for small purchase such as gas and convenience store goods, and Spinx is smart to use mobile to streamline the experience for consumers.

Additionally, the focus on loyalty is important for gas store chains such as Spinx that likely have large groups of repeat customers.

Mobile convenience
Spinx is not the only gas station chain that is using mobile to engage with its consumers.

For example, 7-Eleven is making a big push for mobile this summer with an app that doles out coupons, offers and deals to consumers throughout the summer. The company is also placing mobile calls-to-action on products to drive downloads (see story).

Additionally, Kangaroo Express is rolling out an iPhone, Android and BlackBerry app this summer to keep consumers updated about new deals and offers (see story).

Going forward, the opportunity with mobile for many convenience store chains will around using the medium across multiple parts of the shopping experience.

“To address shoppers’ need for speed in their convenience store experience, I believe you’ll continue to see stores add functionality,” Mr. Frangis said.

“First comes the ability to start and pay for the fuel transaction and connecting via mobile to loyalty programs,” he said.

“Then comes offering the ability for additional purchases of items inside the store – maybe starting with prepared foods or snacks, then rolling out to all the store products.”

Final Take
Lauren Johnson is associate reporter on Mobile Commerce Daily, New York