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Sony’s Crackle targets Android users with first full-length movie, TV service

Sony Pictures Entertainment’s Crackle Inc. has launched the first full-length movie and television application for the Android platform.

The Crackle application streams full-length, unedited blockbuster movies and TV series, as well as Crackle’s slate of original series. Sony is monetizing the application on the freemium model, offering it as a free download and encouraging users to subscribe to the service.

“Our mission is to bring Crackle’s full-length movies, television series and award-winning original content to our fans wherever and however they wish to view them,” said Eric Berger, senior vice president of digital networks at Sony Pictures Television, Culver City, CA.

“Consumers can already enjoy Crackle’s content on multiple screens and devices, ranging from and Hulu to YouTube, Sprint, Verizon, Playstation, TiVo and many others,” he said. “With our launch on the Android platform, we are now available to millions of additional mobile users across multiple carriers.

“Moving forward, our plans include launches on additional platforms, such as iPhone, tablets and more.”

Crackle is a multi-platform video entertainment network that distributes digital content, including original short-form series and full-length traditional programming from Sony Pictures’ library of  TV series and feature films.

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The Crackle application for Android reflects’s editorial voice, furthering its mission to provide curated content from the genres such as action, comedy, crime, horror, thriller and sci-fi.

“We target males ages 18-44,” Mr. Berger said. “More importantly, our viewers are movie and TV fans who appreciate our curated approach towards the genres that they love.”

The Crackle application, available as a free download in Android Market, offers access to the network’s roster of original programming and Minisodes—TV episodes that have been condensed to just a few minutes.

Users who upgrade to the premium service can gain access to full-length TV shows and films from Columbia Pictures, Tri-Star, Screen Gems and Sony Pictures Classics.

At launch, users will have access to hundreds of TV episodes and movies, with new movies and series being added every month.

The premium service costs $4.99 a month, with three- and six-month options also available.

The Crackle application offers feature films such as “La Femme Nikita,” “Bram Stoker’s Dracula,” “Taxi Driver,” “Drunken Master,” “Godzilla: Tokyo S.O.S.,” “Cheech and Chong’s Nice Dreams,” “Go,” “Loser” and “La Bamba.”

Available TV series include “Married with Children,” “Charlie’s Angels,” “Ten Items or Less,” “Spider-Man” and “NewsRadio.”

Users also have access to Crackle’s original series, including “The Bannen Way” with Robert Forster and Michael Ironside, and “Angel of Death” starring Zoe Bell and Lucy Lawless.

Crackle’s application works over both Wi-Fi and 3G networks.

Sony is getting the word out about the Crackle application using a multichannel approach that features mobile advertising.

“We are using a full menu of tactics, including social media, email marketing, online and offline outreach, and mobile media,” Mr. Berger said. “Mobile advertising to Android users is part of our marketing mix.”

Final Take
Dan Butcher, associate editor, Mobile Commerce Daily