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Slifter debuts back-to-school shopping tool

Mobile shopping tool Slifter launched a local service that allows consumers to search deals and products at nearby retail locations.

Instead of scavenging stores for the appropriate products, shoppers can now browse over 300 million products at more than 150,000 local retailers. Users need only to enter the keyword, product name, model number or UPC code to find the product, view availability, see price and promotional information, and receive detailed directions to the nearest store.

“We have actually been hearing a lot about back-to-school products now because it is a seasonal thing,” said Alex Muller, CEO of Slifter, New York. “So now we are recognizing our consumers’ needs and we want to make sure that we are going to grow by bringing products to consumers.

“We are helping our users get quick access to some of those savings and deals listed in the Slifter database,” he said. “This is a free service to help our consumers.”

Retail giants such as Kmart, Sears and Target have been included in the Slifter database.

Recently, Slifter enabled consumers using Research In Motion’s BlackBerry smartphones to download the shopping assistant.

Using this application, BlackBerry smartphone users get access to all the services available to them with the Slifter service.

Shoppers can even find out the amount of gas needed for a back-to-school shopping trip.

Slifter sorts products by distance or price, enables search for products in local store inventories and provides information on deals and promotions.

Additionally, users can see product information, images and maps.

They can also save products and promotions in the mobile Shopping List feature and then share it with family and friends.

Slifter is a free service accessible via mobile Web and can download the application at on nearly every handset. 

The site is ad-supported by brands such as LG and Nikon.

“We are addressing the challenge of parents and students now having enough time to shop with such busy schedules,” Mr. Muller said. “We are simplifying shopping and getting consumers access to great deals that promoters are putting out for back to school.

“We are really addressing the needs of our users as far as getting them the products they need,” he said.