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Skyy Vodka launches first mobile campaign

The company is running advertisements within the myOrder mobile application, offering consumers the opportunity to order a drink that is made with Skyy Vodka. The myOrder application lets users order drinks and food from their iPhones while at in-network social entertainment venues.

“Today, the consumer spends most of their time waiting at their table or in a line to place an order, instead of partaking in the social entertainment that the venue offers,” said Leo Rocco, founder/CEO of myOrder, San Francisco, CA.

By using the application to identify cocktail drinkers, Skyy will use myOrder to deliver messages directly to the mobile phones of vodka enthusiasts.

The ads in the myOrder application pop up when a consumer is about to order a drink. Therefore someone who was planning to order a cosmopolitan, may change there mind and go for a Skyy Vodka drink instead when the ad pops up.

By clicking on the ad, the consumer is placing an order for a Skyy cocktail.

The ads are timed to run during happy hour and the Skyy cocktails are offered at a discounted price of $4.

What’s beneficial about these ads is they are placed front and center, right in front of the consumer. The fact that a consumer can simply click to order the cocktail adds ease of use.

The application also intends to create a channel for entertainment venues to increase revenue and speed up order placements. MyOrder was founded by Mr. Rocco, and developed by alumni of NASA, Cisco, eBay and IBM.

“Our strategy was to create a worldwide network of social entertainment venues that provides the myOrder service to allow consumers to order and pay for food and beverage while on the premises with their mobile phone,” Mr. Rocco said. “MyOrder is a platform that finally allows for venues to be able to communicate to consumers by the masses on-premise and stay connected with them off-premise,” he said.

The application debuts this week in San Francisco’s premier nightclubs, hotels and restaurants.

“With myOrder, consumers can get their order in the queue faster—via their mobile phone—and receive their order faster, offering an improved customer experience,” Mr. Rocco said.

MyOrder is currently available on the Apple iTunes App Store, with BlackBerry and SMS apps slated for release later this year.

This information will also be accessible by venue owners, and be used to study guest preferences and to track customer order histories and the venues they patronize.

“Venue owners can process more orders, because all orders come into the myOrder Communication Terminal,” Mr. Rocco said.

“The terminal organizes the orders and combines like orders, so the venue can fullfil or make the ‘like’ orders at one time,” he said. “For example, a venue receives 15 vodka drink orders.

“With myOrder in place, the bartender can line up 15 glasses and make all the drinks at once—in comparison to making them one at a time for each customer, thus expediting drink delivery time.”

The application will also serve as a sales and marketing platform for liquor brands.

Inspiration for myOrder stemmed from Mr. Rocco’s personal frustration at being ignored in clubs and bars and not getting efficient service.

“MyOrder allows venue owners to be able to intelligently focus their customer-service efforts,” Mr. Rocco said.

“Currently, venue owners have limited visibility in who their VIP customers are, and were unable to be able to see the spending habits of first-time customers.” he said.

“When consumers use myOrder, the venue has the ability to see who the big spenders are via the myOrder star rating, and be pro-active on a VIP service to that customer also learn more about returning consumers’ drink preferences.”

MyOrder will use GPS to track a consumer’s coordinates and then provide them with a menu, which they can use to place their order.

In most cases, a venue can become set up with myOrder in as little as two days.

“The mobile phone has transformed and will continue to transform the way people collaborate and interact with one another every day,” Mr. Rocco said.

“By leveraging the mobile phone to allow consumers to make purchases on the goods that they want, consumers can immediately take advantage of the rich information available on the Web to make smarter decisions on purchasing the product they desire,” he said.