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Siteminis rolls out mobile commerce Web site building tool for brands

The company’s Mobile Web Solution technology lets brands create a complete and consistent shopping experience on mobile. Siteminis’ new service is targeted towards major retailers, entertainment and sporting events, as well as travel providers.

“Siteminis is addressing a problem that mobile marketers have in deploying a consistent brand and functionality in their mobile Web sites,” said Marci Troutman, CEO of Siteminis, Atlanta. “Currently marketers have to design different sites for different cell phone platforms and/or carriers, utilizing outdates platforms such as WAP.

“So, a mobile site looks and functions differently on a BlackBerry than an iPhone for instance,” she said. “In addition, Siteminis allows marketers to own the hosting and ecommerce on the backbone rather than allowing third parties such as Web designers, ecommerce providers, or mobile phone providers to keep a portion of the sales.”

The SiteMinis platform offers customers who wish to purchase merchandise, tickets or make reservations  a convenient shopping experience, allowing them functionality not previously available to them before and the ability to view a consistent mobile Web site regardless of their wireless phone carrier or type of Web-enabled or smartphone operating system.

Siteminis mobile Web services simplify a company’s mobile Web strategy by:

• Allowing IT administrators and Web designers to easily deploy and manage multiple site configurations into one site across several platforms

• Lowering the cost – they need create only one site versus multiple sites

• Removing reconfiguration of mobile Web sites with each new phone operating system

• Recognizing every smartphone platform, as well as all Web-enabled handsets

• Working across all wireless carriers

• Turning mobile phone shoppers from browsers into buyers

• Allowing the same consistent design and brand to be viewed regardless of phone or wireless carrier.

Using Siteminis Mobile Web Solution, companies can now simplify the implementation with one mobile optimized site, one URL and one mobile redirect which automatically detects the user’s browser and mobile phone type and delivers an optimized mobile commerce site.

The challenges of deploying multiple Websites and updating them every time their operating system changes (a constant with iPhone, BlackBerry, Symbian, Windows PC, and Android) is eliminated with Siteminis, which does it automatically with their platform,” Ms. Troutman said. “This is also more cost and labor effective way to deploy on the mobile Web.

“In addition there is a lack of brand look consistency when having to design for different operating systems,” she said. “We are in discussions with several major retailers, travel providers (rental car, hotel and airlines).

“Currently we’ve worked with First Data & PayPal payment systems – we don’t believe there would be a barrier to working with any of the payment systems as we develop the screens to work with what the company has in place currently and allow this to work within the mobile framework the same way it works within the ecommerce / PC internet framework,” she said.