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ShopStyle connects retail partners to on-the-go consumers

ShopStyle, an apparel and accessories search engine that aggregates from brands such as Diesel, American Eagle Outfitters, Levi’s and Marc Jacobs, has gone mobile to extend its brand and help retailers reach mobile consumers.

The application lets consumers browse fashion apparel by brand or category and features items for men, women and children, as well as accessories such as bags, shoes and furniture. Consumers are redirected to the retailer’s checkout page but remain within the application.

“We’re the leading fashion search engine and social shopping site,” said Andy Moss, cofounder/vice president and general manager of ShopStyle, San Francisco. “We wanted to extend that brand so people could use ShopStyle on the go simply because of the belief that mobile will make-up more and more consumer traffic in the future.”

ShopStyle, a part of Sugar Inc., is often described as the online equivalent of browsing the aisles of a fashion super-store. It lets consumers cross-shop products all in one place.

Mobile style
The application and online version feature products from popular designer brands and boutiques.

After selecting a category, for example men, consumers are brought to another page within the application that features the different types of male products.

Here is the page for men:

After selecting a category such as jeans, consumers can narrow down the search even more by selecting the specific type of fit they are looking for.

Currently ShopStyle has close to 2,000 different pairs of straight leg jeans seen here:

Selecting a specific pair brings consumers to a full screen view of the clothing item. Consumers can add the product to their favorites section, get more information such as the product information, see more items in the specific category from the brand and email the clothing item’s listing to a friend.

Clicking Buy sends the consumer to the retailer or brand’s purchasing page, a page that might not always be mobile-optimized. However, consumers are forced out of the application to make the purchase.

Searches can be refined by brand, store, size, color, price and if the items on sale.

On-the-go shopping
The application is targeted is primarily targeted to women between the ages of 18-50.

It is being promoted on, throughout the Sugar network of sites and via mobile advertizing. Mr. Moss said ShopStyle has been pleased with the results it has seen with mobile advertising.

The application is monetized the same way the main Web site is, through cost-per-click to retailers or through commissions from retailers.

“There are more and more people wanting to browse dresses while they’re walking through a mall,” Mr. Moss said. “They’re using it for price comparisons and even browse when they are on the bus or train on the way home.

“We see huge opportunities to have consumers browsing the application while they’re walking around a mall, our retailers will be able to take advantage of the consumer’s proximity and make offers to consumers while they are out shopping,” he said. “That’s where we’re focused for the future.”