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ShopSavvy rakes in 1.9M mobile app downloads in April

In addition, the company saw 1.3 million unique users in April with a total of 9.3 million overall. According to the company, the unique user total represents 13 percent of the approximately 70 million smartphone owners in the United States.

“The download numbers have continued to grow since our launch in 2008 primarily due to luck, great results and a great user interface,” said Alexander Muse, cofounder/CEO of ShopSavvy.

ShopSavvy aggregates product data, deals, ratings and reviews from retailers, partners and its own users to provide the information and advice for mobile shoppers.

Mobile savvy
According to the company, downloads and installs are defined as the total number of times that ShopSavvy has been downloaded from the app markets of Apple, Android, Amazon and Windows Phone 7.

Additionally, ShopSavvy defines unique visitors as the number of people who have used the app and currently have it on their devices.

The growth in users has been accompanied by a disproportionately high increase in product pageviews, per the company.

ShopSavvy’s iPhone app

“In the online search world the average Google search is worth about 5-6 cents,” Mr. Muse said. “In the mobile shopping world, we are able to combine the search data with the consumer’s location – which retail store he is standing in and the consumer’s purchase intent, the product he wants to buy.

“These should be worth north of 50 cents each,” he said. “Each scan results in a product page view – the increase in them is a good indicator that our business has lots of upside.”

Past endeavors
Earlier this year, ShopSavvy  launched a new version of its Android shopping app featuring crowd-sourced bargains and streaming deals.

The app lets consumers scan the UPC, EAN or QR bar codes of products they want to buy and do immediate, in-store price comparisons with local and online retailers (see story).

In April, ShopSavvy claimed that its mobile shopping assistant application surpassed 16 million installations and 8 million active users across multiple smartphone platforms (see story).

“Last year we only sold AdOns during December after launching the platform on iOS,” Mr. Muse said.

“We launched AdOns on Android in January and we are confident that this year will be huge,” he said. “Our new wallet is coming soon.

“Mobile payments are going to be hot, and we will be right in the middle of the action.”