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Shooger makes coupon redemption and tracking easy for merchants

Shooger has revamped its iPhone application, adding both QR and standard bar codes that make it easy for merchants to track redemptions.

Limited redemption capabilities are also now available, giving merchants the option to designate the number of redemptions per person and in aggregate. On the consumer side, Shooger has a new share-to-social feature via Facebook and Twitter.

“Consumers today rely on their phones to search, shop, find deals and connect with businesses,” said Matt Meyers, chief marketing officer of Shooger, Coral Gables, FL. “Mobile deals are a great way to both acquire new customers and to retain existing ones, getting customers to come back more often and to spend more during each visit.

“Reaching opt-in consumers one-to-four times per month with mobile deals that they’ve requested often leads to response rates that are multiples of other marketing initiatives,” he said. 

Another upgrade lets smartphone and Web accounts to be linked, allowing users to clip deals online at and have them immediately show up in their application.

With more than 100,000 local and national deals from 50,000 merchants searchable by category, Shooger offers consumers deals and discounts on everyday products and services such as restaurants, retail and entertainment.

Offers are available through the smartphone applications, at and via opt-in SMS text messages.

Bar codes in mobile coupons make it easy for advertisers to conveniently track redemptions and create offers that can be redeemed a pre-specified number of times – both per person and in aggregate. 

Mobile bar codes also help expedite the overall transaction process, allowing for quick scanning at checkout. 

“Mobile coupons are convenient and effective for both consumers and merchants,” Mr. Meyers said. “With the economy still recovering, consumer interest in money-saving deals is not waning.

“Borrell Associates reports that mobile coupons are a big chunk of the expected mobile marketing explosion, with estimates that mobile coupons will grow from $2.7 billion in 2009 to $57 billion in 2014,” he said.