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SeamlessWeb lets consumers order takeout, delivery via smartphones

Online food ordering service SeamlessWeb has launched a free commerce-enabled application for Google’s Android that lets customers order food for pickup or delivery using their smartphones.

SeamlessWeb released applications for Research In Motion’s BlackBerry and Apple’s iPhone this past summer. Making the SeamlessWeb application available to Android users was a logical product extension for the company.

“SeamlessWeb is a customer-driven company, so when we saw the success of our iPhone and BlackBerry apps, along with the rise of mobile ordering in general, the Android app was a natural extension for us to ensure that all of our 1 million-plus members would have the same opportunity to get exactly the food they want, wherever and whenever they want it,” said Ryan Scott, chief marketing officer of SeamlessWeb, New York.

“And given their hectic schedules and demands for flexibility, we designed this app with speed and search especially in mind, producing our fastest and most versatile app to date,” he said.

“Happily, all of our 6,000-plus restaurants in 27 cities will be available for ordering on the app.”

Mobile ordering
Like the iPhone and BlackBerry applications, the SeamlessWeb Android app lets customers order delivery or takeout food without having to be near a computer.

The application is free to download and does not have any ads or sponsorships.

The Android application has many of the same features members currently use through, including the ability to log in with existing account credentials or create a new account.

“Like, there are no additional fees to use the app,” Mr. Scott said. “The app is an extension of our service offering and it will be monetized in the same way as our Web site is.”

In addition, consumers can use their GPS location, enter a delivery or pickup address or use a saved address to find out which restaurants are available at the exact time a member wants food.

Users can also access search, sorting and filtering to find options that satisfy their tastes, locations and other preferences, as well as re-order saved favorite meals for ordering in a few taps.

Consumers can use the application to see restaurant ratings from fellow diners, get discounts to hundreds of restaurants and enter special item instructions or special delivery instructions.

The application lets users securely check out using a credit card – including for the tip – so no cash is necessary, as well as save credit card information for reordering.

Whether members want to order breakfast in bed or locate restaurants for takeout in a neighborhood they are unfamiliar with, the features of the SeamlessWeb Android application let them find restaurants and checkout their orders while on the go.

The applications are designed for customers in Manhattan, New York Metro (Brooklyn and Queens, NY, Jersey City and Hoboken, NJ, Stamford and Greenwich, CT), Washington and DC Metro (Arlington, VA, Bethesda and Chevy Chase, MD) and Boston.

SeamlessWeb also supports mobile ordering in select neighborhoods in San Francisco, Chicago, Philadelphia and Los Angeles.

The application was built to give members the same ordering experience that they are used to on, per Mr. Scott.

Users can enter an address for pickup or delivery, choose an available restaurant, add items to their cart and checkout securely using a personal credit card.

“The only thing left for a member to do after ordering is sit back, relax and enjoy the food,” Mr. Scott said. “We announced the launch of the app on Jan. 17 by emailing our 1 million-plus members with the good news.

“We will also promote the app across social media outlets—, Twitter and Facebook—and integrate messaging into other marketing channels,” he said.

“Digital and mobile ads promoting the app will direct users to a microsite where they can download the app, and any time that an Android user visits from an Android Web browser, we will give them the option to directly download the app.”

Final Take
SeamlessWeb in Brooklyn