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Seamless processes 150,000 green orders per month

According to new data from the company, Seamless consumers are increasingly choosing to be mindful of their eco footprint. Nowadays, consumers are increasingly turning to their smartphone and tablet devices to place their food orders.

“It’s becoming increasingly common for people to place orders via mobile – in fact, on peak days, we see more than 40 percent of orders placed through our mobile apps,” said Ryan Scott, vice president of marketing at Seamless.

“Seamless green program has been incredibly successful,” he said. “If you have selected the eco-friendly ordering option in your account settings, it will carry over to mobile.

“We work hard to ensure that people can make green choices no matter what platform they’re using.”

Friendly ordering
According to Seamless, eco-friendly orders – in which users request restaurants to hold the utensils and napkins – increased by 155 percent from 2010 to 2011, and another 216 percent from 2011 to 2012.

Seamless also saw a drastic increase in the number of green orders placed on Earth Day in 2011 versus 2012, growing 270 percent.

San Francisco, Chicago and Los Angeles were the top greenest cities, per the data.

Past efforts
Seamless is no stranger to mobile.

Last year, Seamless continued to build its mobile presence with an iPad application that lets hungry consumers order from their favorite restaurants (see story).

In December, the company redesigned its iPhone application to make mobile ordering simpler after seeing more than 40 percent of orders coming from smartphones.

Through the new user interface, consumers can check out mobile reviews and photos. Seamless expects mobile ordering to grow even more with the new app redesign (see story).

Most recently, Seamless saw mobile play a big role in the company’s ongoing efforts, with more consumers turning to their smartphones and tablets to place their favorite orders.

Over the past few years, Seamless has been investing a lot in the mobile space. The company has since developed iPhone, BlackBerry and Android mobile applications, as well as an optimized site to help streamline the mobile ordering process (see story).

“Seamless offers much more than an online presence for local restaurants, having provided partners services at the POS for more than a decade,” Mr. Scott said.

“The company works closely with its restaurant partners to develop a tailored marketing platform that better connects with current and new customers, as well as corporate partners, and ultimately, grow their business,” he said.

“Nearly 500 partners have received over a million dollars total throughout Seamless to date.”

Final Take
Rimma Kats is associate editor on Mobile Commerce Daily, New York