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Seamless exec: On weekends, more than 50pc of orders are placed via mobile

Over the past few years, Seamless has been investing a lot in the mobile space. The company has since developed iPhone, BlackBerry and Android mobile applications, as well as an optimized site to help streamline the mobile ordering process.

“Seamless is investing heavily in mobile innovation and technology for its more than 12,000 restaurant partners,” said Ryan Scott, vice president of marketing at Seamless, New York.

The Seamless Android app

Mobile ordering

In addition to the weekend mobile orders, the company has also seen mobile orders increase from 10 percent to 40 percent from 2011 to 2012.

Moreover, in any given month, more than 50 percent of customers will place an order via one of Seamless’ mobile platforms.

The company rolled out a new iPhone redesign in December, which features a new user interface where consumers can check out mobile reviews and photos.

Seamless also launched an iPad app in February last year. Currently, the iPad now represents more than 30 percent of total mobile orders.

“For Seamless, mobile isn’t just a marketing channel, it’s the company’s bread and butter,” Mr. Scott said.

“Because of this, Seamless’ mobile-first approach translates to a customer-first philosophy,” he said. “This focus means we specially tailor application design, development, features and marketing with the end-user always in mind.”

Mobile past

Seamless is no stranger to mobile.

And, the company is smart to continually update their mobile offerings and applications to not only keep consumers on their toes, but to also provide a more unified experience to drive repeat usage.

“Mobile has always been a priority, so continuing to develop and refine the industry’s best, most robust mobile experience for our customers will remain at the core of Seamless’ business model,” Mr. Scott said.

Final Take

Rimma Kats is associate editor on Mobile Commerce Daily, New York