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Sccope rolls out price comparison, bar code scanning mobile app

Consumer shopping tool Sccope is targeting BlackBerry users with a price comparison and bar code scanning application.

The application makes it easy for consumers to identify the best possible deals from retailers through product search and stock, and price drop alerts. The application is geared at consumers interested in saving money.

“RIM invited us to be their shopping app partner and it really is a great opportunity we have here,” said Douglas Orr, CEO of Sccope, Windsor, Britain. “We have an app people love on the iPhone, so we figured we need to bring that experience to the BlackBerry audience that has been poorly served by shopping apps so far.

“Let’s not forget that BlackBerry still has the largest customer base,” he said. 

Users can make a wish list, track prices and inventory through alerts and receive special offers via the application. 

Sccope features more than 100 participating retailers.  

The application provides users with three ways to compare prices in an instant:

• Scan with the built in bar code reader, which uses the BlackBerry camera
• Search by product code, name or brand
• Browse from a wide range product categories

Consumers can sign up for price alerts to match their budget and stock alerts for out-of-stock items.

With a social element built into the application, users can share bargains with friends.

The application is powered by Cogenta, Britain’s live retail price directory.

Sccope also includes Live Vouchers giving consumers even more ways to save.

The application’s goal is to help consumers make the best purchase decisions while in-store with all the benefits of online price comparison in the palm of their hand.

“Retailers are happy with the fact that the application generates all of this interest in their products, but are asking us how we turn that interest into purchases,” Mr. Orr said. “We provide coupon information to consumers, driving them into retailers’ store.

“Also the fact that we provide store locators within the application has proved to help retailers drive traffic as well,” he said.

Final Take
Giselle Tsirulnik is senior editor of Mobile Commerce Daily, New York.